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Can you calculate a sea trout weighing if you know length and abdominal circumference?

You probably catch a sea trout that you want or must release, but want to determine the weight of this trout. To guess the weight is OK, but a more accurate weight would be better. To run around with weights and tapes are cumbersome. A tape measure similar to that which you take your abdominal circumference with is enough to determine the weight of the fish.

You also protects the fish by not lifting it out of the water to weigh it. Take the length in cm and the circumference in cm at the thickest part of fish. Put these two figures in the table below and click "Calculate the weight." You get a very reliable weight of a sea trout. ON the image to the right you will see the values for a trout with a conditioning factor of 1.20.

Enter the fish length in cm and fish abdominal circumference in centimeters. Use decimal sentence, if required.

Click the image for Fultons formula.
Abdominal circumference Length cm Weight g
Smoke oven dressed in snow
Smoke oven dressed in snow

Length in cm
Abdominal circumference in cm
Calculated weight in grams
A German website Fliegen Fischer describes how to determine the weight of sea trout from the length and circumference of the "Belly". They claim the following formula must be an expression of emphasis:

V = L x O x O / 28,9 [ grams ]

V weight in grams, L length in cm, O circumference in cm and 28,9 a constant.

It is indeed! Try it on your own fish and see if you agree.
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