Grilled and smoked mullet in a salt crust served with Salsa Verde

Shopping List for 4 adults

2 kg of fresh caught mullet or 2 at 1 kg
2 kg coarse salt or more for 2 fish
2 garlic bread

Salad Salsa Verde

1 cup parsley
1 cup mint
1 small glass of capers
1 clove garlic
tsp. grated lemon shell
lemon juice
dl virgin olive oil
2 tablespoons boiling water
tsp. Ls salt
tsp. coarse black pepper

Salsa Verde must be consumed immediately after production
Can also be purchased ready-made in specialized stores
Try also the other forms of Salsa
I am an angler in Scandinavia
Recipe No. 25
Grilled and smoked mullet in a salt crust served with Salsa Verde
Grilled and smoked mullet in a salt crust served with Salsa Verde

Procedure without liability: Of course, the fish must be caught first. Or purchase the mullet. The fish must be cleaned from fish scale. This is done by scratching the fish from tail to head with a blunt knife. Brush with a stiff brush under cold water. Cut the fish up from the gut to the head, cut the head off and pull all the guts out. Clean the renal blood out from the abdominal cavity with a knife and a brush under cold water. Also remember to brush away the dark skin in the abdominal cavity of the mullet.

In a suitable aluminum tray or roasting pan if you use your oven instead of barbecue, sprinkled coarse salt 1 cm at the bottom. The area must be slightly larger than the fish, as this must be laid on the salt. Press the fish bit down into the salt and pour salt over the fish so it completely covered with 1 cm thick layers. Folding salt flat around the fish.

Your grill should be set up for indirect heat, the procedure can be found here. Charcoal or briquettes from two barbecue starts poured on barbecue. One on each side. When barbecue is appropriate warm approx. 175 C, aluminum tray with the fish is placed in the middle of the barbecue. Two hands full "wetted" beech wood dust distributed on the coal. The lid put on the barbecue and the fish "Smoke fried" in 40 to 50 minutes at 175 C. The time depends on fish size and temperature that you can keep in the barbecue. The thermometer shows the temperature inside the fish. Plug the sensor into the thick part of the fish and keep the shielded cable away from the hot coal. When the temperature is between 65 C and 70 C the fish is done. Salt crust allows the smoke to penetrate the fish, and the fish is damp fried in its own brine.

Salsa Verde: Mix chopped parsley, chopped mint, capers, garlic, lemon juice and peel, olive oil and boiling water in a blender. Blend to a suitable consistency and season with salt and pepper. There should be a cup of it.

Indian Chutney: Want to try something exotic instead; you should try making this accessory. Can be used with all fish dishes, but I like it most to fried or grilled fish.

Serving: Present fish in salt crust for your guests by putting aluminum tray on the table. Use two spoons to remove the top crust of salt. Now remove the skin at the top of the fish and the upper file loosened and put on a clean dish. Backbones removed and the lower file placed on the clean dish.

Garnish: Use a little green, parsley, mint and lemon.

Drink: To the dish fit a cool white wine.

Hint: Garlic flute goes well with the dish. Bread buttered with Salsa Verde. A good idea would be to put a clover garlic, a little onion and parsley into the belly of the fish. Chop it roughly first. Do you have other good herbs in your garden, use them. It gives a good flavor that suits Salsa Verde. Drip a little lemon juice on fish before it is prepared.

Note: The pictures here are of a rainbow because I could not catch a mullet that day. Do you have space in barbecue, let's head just sitting on the fish, but cut the gills out before cooking.

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