Stuffed peppers with tuna and bulgur

Shopping List for 4 adults

1 can tuna in oil or water
1 dl bulgur (or 75 g)
4 nice, big red peppers
1 red chili peppers chopped
2 cloves garlic minced
4 large, ripe tomatoes chopped
1 large onion chopped fine
16 pcs. pitted black olives chopped
2 tbsp. capers
100 g grated dry cheese
4 tbsp. olive oil if tuna in water
Season with salt and pepper into the mixture
A little butter/olive oil to the ovenproof dish

Garlic baguette
or a good bread to your taste
I am an angler in Scandinavia
Recipe No. 85
Stuffed peppers with tuna and bulgur
Stuffed peppers with tuna and bulgur

Procedure without liability: Rinse bulgur well in cold water and allow to soak for one hour, then pour all the water off. Boil 1 dl bulgur in 3 dl lightly salted water for 10 minutes. Then drain the bulgur into a sieve. Tuna in oil / water is also added to drainage in a sieve. Add some oil to the dish.

Prepare the stuffing for the peppers. Cut a cross in the tomatoes and pour them with boiling water. Peel the tomatoes and chop them roughly. Finely chop chili pepper, garlic, onion, olives and capers and mix it with the tomatoes. The tuna meat is peeled apart and mixed in the vegetables. If you use tuna in water then add some olive oil. Bulgur is then mixed in and the stuffing is ready to "stuff" the peppers.

You can choose to do it in two ways. Slice the peppers lengthwise and remove the seeds and seed stalks (the white part) or cut the top off and use the top as a lid. Also remove seeds and seed stalks inside with a spoon. Keep the stalk on top and use it as a handle. I always use that method with the lid and handle.

Fill the peppers with the "stuffing", put them in a greased ovenproof dish and bake in a 200 C preheated oven for 30 minutes for half and 35 minutes for whole peppers. Sprinkle with cheese and bake another 15 minutes for the half and 20 minutes for whole peppers. When using a convection oven calculates always 20 C lower temperature, but the same time.

Serving: The ovenproof dish put on the table along with a bread basket filled with your favorite bread.

Garnish: Grated cheese of a dry type if you grate the cheese - otherwise there are many opportunities.

Drink: I used a cold Carlsberg. But a cold "Pilsner Urquell" will also be a natural thing for this meal.

Hint: Bulgur is steamed, dried and cracked durum wheat, which is eaten extensively in the Middle East with various spices. If you prefer rice, it can be used instead of bulgur. Put a small glass of dry Sherry in the bottom of the dish, it gives a nice aroma.

Note: In my meal above, I used 2 dl of bulgur, but I think it was too much, so the rest came on the bottom of the ovenproof dish.

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