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From June, 1. 2002, all owners of a speedboat must have a speedboat license. What is the definition of a speedboat?

Authorities define a speedboat as follows: "If Motor figure in KW is bigger than Boat figure the boat is to be regarded as a speedboat". Conversion from HP to KW is the following formula HP * 0.7353. A 40 HP engine provides = (40 * 0.7353) = 29.412 KW. Boat figure is length in meters squared, plus a constant at 3. A 5 meter boat gives (5 * 5)+3 = 28. Motor figure 29,412 is greater than Boat figure 28, so the boat is a speedboat. You can even try out your boat, insert your own figures. Remember just to use the decimal sentence (eg 5.25 meters boat and 3.5 HP motor).

Conversion between feet and meters   Feet Meters

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Is equal to:

Boat length [m]
Boat power [HP]
Boat figure
Motor figure KW
speedboat license?

As you can see, speedboat license is not determined by speed, but only of the above calculation. Those who have a certificate of competence in sailing, is covered by proficiency certificate as well as speedboat license when you are over 16 years of age.

Without speedboat license you are sailing into major problems if the accident happens. Huge fines, no insurance, and perhaps no anchorage for your boat. Join Marine School courses for obtaining a speedboat license. The course is held in many parts of the yachting ports around the country.

The following books are used in teaching

Proficiency book of Iver C. Weilbach og Co, A/S, ISBN 87-7790-161-4
Symbols, Abbreviations and concepts in Danish charts of Environment, Mapping and Cadastral Agency, ISBN 87-7866-399-7
Marker of Danish waters 7 edition 2005, ISBN 87-87615-27-4

Danish version

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