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Personal information:

Hometown: Varde
Hobbies: Fishing, Hunting, Electronics and IT

Educational background:

Electronics Engineering in 1969, Odense Teknikum
Radio and TV mechanic in 1964 from
Artisans School in Sønderborg
Learning Workplace: Varde Radio & TV 1959 til 1964
Realeksamen 1959, Sct. Jacobi School

Employment background:

F L SMIDTH A/S from 1991 to 2001
NTP ELEKTRONIK A/S from 1988 to 1991
MEDIMATIC A/S from 1984 to 1988
DISA ELEKTRONIK A/S from 1971 to 1984
Engineer troops, Farum 1970
Bosch, Lange Jørgensen, Odense 1969
Jørgen Walter
Top image: A lovely spring day at Karlstrup Kalkgrav with a beautiful rainbow trout
Bottom image: Another beautiful spring day by Stensån with a shiny salmon of 5.5 kg

F L SMIDTH A/S from 1991 to 2001

Employed as an engineer for export processing of market areas: Norway, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland and Indonesia.

Branch of trade: Cement industry, Paper and Pulp, Cellulose Plants, Lime Plants and Magnesite Plants with spare parts, merchandise, standard machines and OEM products and services to customers. The work requires a high level of autonomy and ability to work systematically and purposefully to achieve a substantial sales over a short period.

From 1994 system programmer in QPRO, Lotus and Excel and from 1998 IT coordinator for the sales department.

NTP ELEKTRONIK A/S from 1988 to 1991

Employed as a sales engineer with market areas: BRD, Austria and Switzerland.

Branch of trade: Radio and TV stations and Post & Telegraph with measurement equipment for control of audio signals, and the "sound matrix fields" for routing of sound from source to consumer. The systems are complex and apply for much software control.

MEDIMATIC A/S from 1984 to 1987

Employed as Regional Sales Manager with market areas: Scandinavia, EU, Switzerland and North America.

Branch of trade: Hospital sector and private clinics with medical electronic measuring equipment with an emphasis on: Ultrasonic Doppler and Strain Gauge Plethysmographer for non-invasive studies of peripheral vascular diseases. SPECT system for non-invasive studies of blood flow in the brain. The system is based on a large amount of software for processing of a high definition image of the brain. It is a diagnostic device which is aimed at neurologists, cardiologists, physio scientists and surgeons.

DISA ELEKTRONIK A/S 1971 til 1984

Employed as a sales engineer with market areas: Eastern Europe, ASEAN, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea and Western Europe.

Branch of trade: Hospital Sector with electromedical measurement equipment (capital goods) and consumables, with an emphasis on EMG, EEG and Urology. Diagnostic and therapeutic devices aimed at neurologists, neuro-physio scientists, psychiatrists, ophthalmologists (throat, nose, ear) and Urologists.

Branch of trade: Industry with the scientific research equipment (hardware) and systems (software) with emphasis on LASER (velocity, flow and vibration), Hot Wire Anemometer (velocity, flow and temperature), Capacity transducer (pressure and displacement).


Courses and association work under the above jobs:

Tack Management: Sales Training

Industry Council: Selling to the industry

Eastern Countries Club: Sales to Eastern Europe

AKP Management Services: Sales Course

F.L.S. internal: WordPerfect, Lotus, QPRO, Excel,
Word, Access and PowerPoint

F.L.S. External: Cement technology Kjellerup E. Hansen

Allan Hjorth: International communication and behavior

Association's work in FLS social associations in 10 years

President of FLS Anglers Association in 6 years

Written an article "Tutorial in sales techniques

Top image: Electromedical Measuring Equipment

Bottom image: Scientific Research Equipment
Jørgen Walter
Top image: Here I work with one of the first Danish brain scanners developed in collaboration with Niels Lassen at Bispebjerg Hospital. Clinical Physiological and Nuclear Medicine Department at Bispebjerg. Hospital has a tradition of being at the forefront of new technology. As far back as the 1970s, Bispebjerg was the first to perform brain scans.

Bottom image: I am holding a symposium at the Polytechnic in Kiev in the 70s. At that time, the Russian navy was in the port of Novorossijsk on the Black Sea. The Russians were interested in buying equipment for contactless velocity measurements in air (supersonic) and water, and this can be done with a LASER Anemometer. However, as the city is a forbidden area for foreigners, our meeting had to be held at the Polytechnic in Kiev, Ukraine. I'm seen here on the podium, but can you guess who's looking over your shoulder?

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