Plums in Madeira

Ingredients for plums in Madeira

2.2 kg plums picked and de-stoned
gives about 2 kg stoned (loss 10%)
600 g pearl sugar
1 vanilla bean
1 whole cinnamon pole
4 whole carnations
1 cup water
4 dl Madeira
1 tbsp. Atamon
1 dl Captain Morgan Rum 40% or
1 dl Stroh Rum 80%

2 preserving jars 1.5 liters

Syrup brine done as follows:
Boil water and sugar into a syrup together with the spices - the vanilla bar is just cut into quarters. Turn off heat and come Madeira and Atamon in the syrup. Pour the hot mixture over the plums. The liquid should cover the plums, if not, then top up with Jamaica Rum or a strong Stroh Rum. Do you use Rum in a good amount, then you can simply rinse the glass with Atamon and failing to get it in the plums.
Recipe No. 6
Plums in Madeira
Plums in Madeira
I used Victoria Plums
which I have in the garden,
but all good plums can be used
Procedure without liability

Clean the jars of 2 liters with boiling water and let it dry itself. Pour a small amount Atamon in the hot glass and then close it. Shake the jar well and pour the contents out. The sitting on the inside as well as the cover, is white, when the glass is dry. This is the "exercise" aimed at, which is to allocate a preservative on the inner side of the glass.

The plums rinse in cold water and dry them before halved and stoned. Then place them in the glass in layers up to the brim. Syrup brine poured over the plums.

The glass container sealed with the seal and put in a cold, dark and dry place. Now formed vacuum in the glass when the glass is cold, and it helps to extend shelf life. In the first week I usually take the glass out and shake it so that the plums coincide and all plums are below the liquid. Unopened glass I've had in two years, but when they first opened, I put the glass in the refrigerator and then they can keep for about 1 month.

Hint: Can not find Madeira, then use a Portvin. Both types of wine has a strength of between 19% and 20% - also called liqueur. Here you will find plums varieties and season. Here you can see pictures of 8 different Danish plums. See my Snapse calculation.

Use my Excel spreadsheet Wine and Schnapps percent and / or Snapse percent mixture for other values of alcohol percentage. Open the EXCL spreadsheet in a new window.

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