Lunch omelette with bacon

Shopping List for 2 adults

8 large free-range hens eggs
400 g smoked and salted bacon
1 tbsp. beer per egg
1 tbsp. whipping cream per egg
1 red chili pepper chopped fine
3 cloves garlic chopped fine
1 bunch chives chopped fine
salt and freshly ground pepper to taste,
is added at the table

Rye bread for 2 persons of your choice
and a good mustard
I am an angler in Scandinavia
Recipe No. 83
Lunch omelette with bacon
Lunch omelette with bacon

Procedure without liability: Crack all eggs into a suitable large bowl. Beat the eggs with a hand whisk (not electric. Whips). Add first beer and whisk, then cream and whisk thoroughly. Chopped chili peppers, garlic and chives and mixed well with the egg mixture. Let it soak while you fry bacon.

Cut the rind of bacon piece and cut the piece into appropriate slices - not too thick, but not paper thin. Fry them quietly in a frying pan over medium heat in its own fat. Use the fat from the bacon to fry the egg mixture in - do you think that is too much, then pour something from. Let bacon pieces allowed to drain on kitchen roll while you proceed with the egg mixture.

Give the egg mixture with herbs vigorous stirring before it is poured on the frying pan. Wait with salt and pepper until you've tasted the omelet at the table as bacon can make the dish salt. Egg mass must "stiffen" under low heat for approx. 10 to 15 minutes. When the omelette is almost "stiffened" distributed bacon pieces on top of the omelette and garnish with more chives and tomato slices.

Serving: The frying pan put on the table together with 2 hot plates and a bread basket and a good mustard.

Garnish: There is hardly anything other than chopped chives, which makes it. Garnish with the purple flowers if you have chives in the garden. I should perhaps mention tomato slices for garnish.

Drinks: I used a cold Carlsberg. But a cold Pilsner Urquell will also be a natural thing for this dish.

Hint: Make it an experience and use organic eggs from free-range hens. The eggs are tasty, maybe a little more expensive but they are worth it.

Note: Should you make the omelette for 4 people, I recommend that you use two frying pans, otherwise the egg mixture is too thick and it becomes difficult to cook it properly.

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