Flavoured lard of duck and pork fat

Shopping List for 4 adults

500 g of pork lard
250g duck fat
2 large onions
4 cloves garlic
1 large cooking apple
1 red chili
1 stalk thyme

Rye bread of your choice or
Homemade Yogurt Bread with smoked cheese
I am an angler in Scandinavia
Recipe No. 92
Flavoured lard of duck and pork fat
Flavoured lard of duck and pork fat

Procedure without liability: It has just been Christmas and you have fried two ducks or a goose, you stand left with a great deal of skimming's duck fat or goose fat. Here it is then to make good flavored lard that not "runs" of the bread when it is placed on the table. You mix duck fat and pork lard with a good deal of spices.

First, put pork lard in a pan and turn on the heat. While it melts chopped onion, garlic and peeled apples fine. The red chili cut into two pieces so it is finally easy to remove. Herbs put in pork lard and boil for approx. 30 minutes. Then put duck fat and a stalk of thyme to the pan and cook for the next 15 minutes. You should be sure that all the water in onions and apples are cooked, and they are golden brown and floating on top of the lard. Of course, onions and apples must not be black, but should be like the roasted onions, which you buy in a can/package. I followed the temperature in the pot, when it was 120 C onions and apples flowed on top, and they had a nice golden color. One can also see the steam diminishes sharply from the food as the water boiled away.

Chile pepper and thyme stalk are taken up; pour the mixture into aluminum trays, which stands cold until it was stiff. The mixture here gave three trays of 500 ml. Good to freeze when vacuum packaged in a plastic bag.

Serving: Grease a piece of good bread; put a good slice of smoked cheese on.

Garnish: Of course, there are cut chives on top. Season with salt and pepper.

Drinks: A cold Pilsner beer and Linie Aquavit round off the pleasure of the meal.

Hints: The amount of 250 g duck fat was what I got from two ducks. You can use up to 500 g, fifty - fifty is OK.

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