Homemade bacon

Shopping List for 12 adults

The recipe gives 12 pieces of bacon of approx. 600 g
3 pieces. Rib step at 4 kg / each. with rinds and bones give:
10 kg real meat
Vacuum salting
360 g Salt distributed as follows if you want to use nitrite salt
180 g table salt, fine
180 g Nitrite salt 0.6%
100 g Brown sugar
30 g Black pepper, powder
20 g Cayenne hot pepper, powder
30 g Garlic powder / granules
30 g Hungarian paprika, sweet
20 g Juniper, crushed
20 g Allspice, powder
20 g Thyme, dried
5 g Sodium ascorbate E301, See Tip
Read about the use of nitritsalt

For the smoke oven
90% beech smoke dust for 3 to 4 times cold smoke
10% juniper smoke for 3 to 4 times cold smoke
Smoke 3 to 4 times of at least 12 hours duration
The temperature should be between 18 C and 22 C
but must not exceed 27 C

To the vacuum packer
2 rolls of groove bags 28 cm wide and 5 m long
I am an angler in Scandinavia
Recipe No. 105
Homemade bacon
Homemade bacon

First a few facts: This recipe is based on dry salting in vacuum bags, so you should get a vacuum packer. I bought a Andersson vaccum sealer VMS 2.0 in NetOnNet, last time I was in Sweden, for 499 SEK. It's just amazingly good, you put an empty beer can in and vacuum it, it becomes flat like a pancake. In Denmark you can buy extra bags in Grillbutikken. The bags are available in several widths 28 cm, 20 cm and 12 cm, all in rolls of 5 meters. Remember that it must be grooved bags. I mention this because NetOnNet does not sell outside Sweden. Postscript: The bags can now be bought in many places in Denmark. Grooved bags have taken over the smooth bags because the vacuum packs - with proboscis - that used smooth bags were useless.

Procedure without liability: I bought 3 large pieces of rib roast of approx. 4 kg per piece. The roasts were not scratched but had little bone at one end. When the bones were cut off, I had 10 kg of real meat left. Now the meat needs to be salted and seasoned. Whether to use nitrite salt is up to you. The taste is no different if you only use ordinary fine table salt, but the color of the meat becomes pale without nitrite salt. The durability is also less without nitrite salt. The spices must be dried spices so as not to contain soil bacteria. The amount per kg of meat of all ingredients can be seen in my Spreadsheet.

Start by mixing all the spices and mix it with salt and sugar in a suitable plastic container intended for food. The pieces of meat are now added - one at a time - to the mixture and rubbed well into the salt, sugar and spices. Get into all the folds and cavities. Place the meat in a bag that has been welded twice at one end. The indicated amount of the mixture must be distributed on all pieces of meat and the entire amount must be in the bags. The bag must be clean and dry where it is to be welded. Wipe with paper from a paper towel. I welded the bag once more after it was vacuumed. Therefore, make sure that the bag is long enough for double welding at both ends. Repeat the procedure for all pieces of meat.

I just have to mention here that my rib roasts were in double length as seen in the top picture. All were just over 40 cm long. The bottom picture shows the roast folded, salted and vacuumed.

Now put all the bags in the fridge, where they will be salted for the next 10 days. I turned the bags once every day so that the salt in the meat would be uniform. After 10 days, the bag is cut open and the meat is taken out and rinsed well under the cold tap. All bags of liquid were weighed to see how much liquid was extracted from the meat. I started with 10 kg of meat, added 0.675 kg of salt and spices. The liquid weighed 2 kg, ie now 8.675 kg of salted meat.

An important part of the process now is to air dry the pieces of meat for at least 2 days, because otherwise the meat will not receive the golden color when it is to be smoked. Use some good meat hooks to hang the pieces of meat in. They can be bought in Silvan for DKK 35.95, but I have also seen them in BilTema for DKK 29.00. Both places for 2 pcs.

Prepare your smoke oven for cold smoking for the next 12 hours or more. I use my maze tray, it lasts at least 18 hours before it needs to be cleaned and refilled for the next time smoke. In the period from Tuesday evening to Saturday morning, the meat was cold-smoked at approx. 22 C four times. It is the case that the temperature in my smoke oven during cold smoking is between 8 C and 10 C above the ambient temperature. My smoke oven is otherwise electronically controlled, but I do not use it for cold smoking. I always use beech smoke soil and a little juniper smoke soil for cold smoking of fish and meat. Remember good draft in the smoke oven so that acid smoke does not form.

Now the meat has turned into salted and smoked bacon and is ready to mature before being eaten. Hang the meat in a suitable refrigerator for a few weeks. Some water also shrinks during drying and cold smoking, so weigh your finished bacon. There should be approx. 30% shrinkage for long-term durability. You can buy DRY AGING BAGS - costs a "Farm" - to mature your meat in. I have tried these bags and they seem to work.

Serving: Of course, I can not name all the good dishes that bacon is suitable for. So therefore just a few. Bacon with onion (recipe no. 106) and lunch omelette with bacon (recipe no. 83) and of course on a piece of homemade liver pate (recipe no. 72).

Garnish: Many dishes can be decorated with something green.

Drink: The dishes I have mentioned go well with a cold beer and a dram.

Tip: Try brown cabbage or yellow pea soup with a slice of homemade bacon. When you fry this bacon, you will find that it does not "squirt" on the pan, as the purchased bacon does. This is because it is not sprayed with salt water, but instead the water is extracted from the meat. Fry the bacon over medium heat on both sides so that it turns golden brown but not branked. The shelf life of this vacuum bacon in the freezer is assumed to be 6 months. Unopened in refrigerator 2 months.

It is optional to add E301 Sodium ascorbate = E300 Askorbic acid. It is an antioxidant. On the plus side, Sodium ascorbate makes the meat more red and reduces over time the residual nitrite content in the finished product product. Both ascorbic acid and sodium corbate are forms of vitamin C and are common food additives where more specifically sodium ascorbate falls into the category of mineral salts. Although ascorbic acid is the pure form of vitamin C, sodium ascorbate is the sodium salt of ascorbic acid.

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