Homemade 'Gravlax' this is a rainbow trout from Karlstrup

Shopping List for 4 adults

Dish can be made of salmon or trout

2 kg of fresh caught salmon or trout
100 g fine salt
50 g cane sugar
10 g lemon pepper
1 fresh bread at your own taste
1 packet unsalted butter
1 packet dill dressing
1 bag of dried dill for "Gravning"
1 twig fresh dill for garnish

NB: Try this if you do not want to use the dressing for the salmon:
A small glass, good beer and a "snaps" of cognac, whiskey or
spirits poured over the fish before it is put into the refrigerator.

Use only dried Dill for "Gravning"
because of soil bacteria in fresh dill
I am an angler in Scandinavia
Recipe No. 26
Homemade 'Gravlax' this is a rainbow trout from Karlstrup
Homemade "Gravlax" here a freshly caught
1.5 kg Rainbow trout from Karlstrup P & T

Procedure without liability: Use only a freshly caught salmon or trout, which coarsely cleaned immediately after the catch. Never put the fish on earth, but put it immediately in a plastic bag to avoid soil bacteria.

At home the fish is scaled from tail to head with a blunt knife and a stiff brush. I use a potato knife to scale the trout. The fish fillets and then all side bones cut off, so there remain only the vertical nerve bones. These can usefully be taken out with a tongs just before the fish should be eaten. It is only necessary to take the nervous legs out if the fish is large. For fish less than 2 kg, I do not think that these bones are annoying. They are soft after the fish has soaked in salt and they are cut into small pieces.

In an appropriate dish sprinkled salt and sugar at the bottom, the fish is placed on the skin side down. Salt, sugar and dill spread over the meat side. Dish covered with film and put in refrigerator to soak in 48 hours. It draws some moisture from the fish, so take the fish up in a clean and dry the cutting board before cutting slices of the fish. Note: If you use beer and a "dram", it should be poured over the fish before you sprinkle with salt, sugar, lemon pepper and dill.

Serving: Can you eat the whole fish at once cut the fish at the table. Otherwise just take it, which can be eaten now. The rest remains in the fridge and it can last for max 2 days.

Garnish: You can now decorate fish pieces with fresh dill, if you like.

Drink: To the dish fit a cool white wine, or a cold beer with a dram.

Tip: The file pieces can be frozen before the preparation, but not after. It may be a good idea to freeze the salmon/trout for 48 hours before the preparation. There could be Ascaris suum (Roundworm) in the fish. It is a requirement of the authorities that fish, that are not heat treated, must be frozen for 48 hours if the fish is to be used for Sushi.

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