Heavy and Hot Oxtail Soup

Shopping List for 4 adults

1,2 kg oxtail cut off in the joints
3 tbsp. olive oil and 20 g butter
1 tbsp. hot paprika
2 beef cube dice
Black pepper from the mill
2,5 liters of water and 1/4 bottle of red wine

2 big twigs thyme
4 stalk parsley
4 bay leaves
1 red hot chili pepper

2 onions
2 leeks
1 whole garlic
2 carrots
2 parsley seeds
2 pastasacks
1 small celeriac

1 tin concentrated tomato sauce
1 can of peeled tomatoes with chili

For serving
1 dl Madeira
4 eggs cooked smiling 5 to 6 minutes
Garlic flute
Taste with salt and pepper from the mill
1 can / pack of cocktail sausages
I am an angler in Scandinavia
Recipe No. 111
Heavy and Hot Oxtail Soup
Heavy and Hot Oxtail Soup

Heavy and Hot Oxtail Soup
The soup is heated at Varde Creek

Procedure without liability: In Easter 2017 I will go to Varde Creek and try the fish luck for the fourth time. This year I think it's getting cold, so I'll surprise my fishing friends with a Hot Oxtail Soup.

1. Step: Warm the oil and butter in a large pot. Spice the beef tails with hot paprika. Now, the beef tails came into the pot and roast from all sides briefly but heavily. Get half of the cleaned and finely chopped vegetables in the pot together with soup-green. Roast at high temperature just until the onions are light brown. Pour water and red wine and cook again. Then the heat is set to medium temperature. Season with beef broth, tomato puree, peeled tomatoes, pepper and salt to taste.

2. Step: Now the beef tails simmer 2 to 3 hours in the soup until the meat can loosen from the legs. Take the beef tails out of the soup. The meat is cut into cubes and freed as much as possible for fat and tendons. Pour the soup through a sieve without the vegetables coming into the pot and throwing the vegetables. The rest of the cleaned and finely chopped vegetables are placed in the pot and boiled for 20 minutes, after which the meat is put into the pot and heated again. Taste with salt, pepper and Madeira.

Serving: Half smiling eggs and garlic cloves go well to the soup.

Tip: If the soup is cooked the day before, you can cool it completely, making it easier to remove the grease. Boil meat and vegetables tenderly and sieve the soup. Pour the meat from the legs and put it in the fridge. Foam the soup the next day before it is warmed up with meat and the fresh vegetables and boil well. Here I recommend to add a can of packed cocktail sausages if you want more filling to the fishing trip. I used the light smoked from Rema, which was randomly on offer this day.

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