Pangasius fillet with new Danish potatoes and white asparagus

Shopping List for 4 adults

1000 g pangasius fillets frozen, it is 4 pcs.
1 lemon
1 cup parsley
cup sage
5 spring onions
100 g butter
2 tsp. salt
2 tsp. sugar
tsp. mild curry
1 tablespoon Dijon mustard
1 tablespoon rapeseed oil
tsp. pepper

1 kg new Danish potatoes and kg of white asparagus
Hollandaise sauce purchased ready-made or homemade

I am an angler in Scandinavia
Recipe No. 51
Pangasius fillet with new Danish potatoes and white asparagus
Pangasius fillet with new Danish potatoes and white asparagus

Procedure without liability: The new Danish potatoes, rinsed and scraped with a glove. See the picture below Seven "cool" fried herring. White asparagus peeled with a potato knife, and the bottom 3 to 4 cm is cut away. Spring onions are cleaned and cut into smaller pieces. Rinsed and chopped herbs. Pangasius fillets dry up slowly in the refrigerator - 12 hours - or at the kitchen table - 6 hours - and rinse in cold water, wipe dry in kitchen towel and place in a greased oven proof dish with rapeseed oil.

Sprinkle the fish with spring onions, salt, mild curry, peppers and a little lemon juice. Stir soft butter with parsley, sage and Dijon mustard. Add butter daub over the fish.

Cover the dish with foil and put the fish in a pre-heated oven at 225 C for 30 minutes. Boil the new Danish potatoes in slightly salted water for 15 minutes. Asparagus cooked in slightly salted and sugared water for 10 to 15 minutes, depending on the thickness of them.

Serving: The fish, potatoes and white asparagus are served on a plate as shown here in the picture above.

Garnish: Parsley is good as a garnish, but a little fresh coriander are also good.

Drink: A cold white wine well suited to the dish.

Hint: If you can not get Pangasius fillet, try another lean fish. Pike, perch, pikeperch, cod, ling, saithe - yes there are many of them. But time in the oven may be different.

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