Rainbow trout freshly caught and hot smoked

Shopping List for 4 adults

2 pcs. freshly caught rainbow trout of approx. 1.5 kg
500 g fine table salt
50 g cane sugar
3 tsp. black pepper, crushed
3 tsp. onion powder
3 tsp. garlic powder/salt
3 tsp. chili flakes

1 cauliflower head
800 g new potatoes
1 lemon
Melted and clarified butter

First a few facts: At the end of March 2022 we had a fantastic weather with sunshine and warm weather, so it pulled tremendously in the "fishing rod" to get out and swing this rod. As the protection of the river had not yet ceased, it had to become a Put & Take lake nearby. I was lucky to get to a fishing lake where trout had been put out the day before, so I had 10 bites, but the 6 did not come up. Four good rainbow trout of 1.5 kg were the catch of the day. The three are seen in the picture, which is getting hot-smoked. The fourth is to be boiled and served with new potatoes and Hollandaise sauce on a later occasion.

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Rainbow trout freshly caught and hot smoked
Rainbow trout freshly caught and hot smoked

Procedure without liability: The rainbow trout are cleaned and prepared for hot smoking, which is described under Salmon and trout. However, I have chosen to dry salt them, because they had to be hot-smoked the next day. They came in a salt tub suitable for 3 to 4 fish of this size, were sprinkled with 500 g of fine salt and 50 g of cane sugar. Lie in this salt/sugar mixture for 18 hours and while the smoke oven was getting ready, I filled cold water in the tub. Then the fish was dried well in a kitchen roll and a clean tea towel.

The 4 spices were sprinkled into the belly of the fish and they were then hung into the smoke oven. The evolution of smoke had not yet begun and the temperature was approx. 90 C. The fish hung in the smoke oven for 45 minutes with good draft at approx. 80 C. Then smoke dust came on the flames so that they went out and the embers with smoke dust began a strong smoke development. The temperature dropped to approx. 70 C and this was kept for the next 3 hours.

I use a mixture of 80 % beech sawdust and 20 % juniper granules, which gives an excellent taste. Can be bought in bags of 30 liters for DKK 500. After 4 hours, the temperature had dropped to approx. 30 C and the evolution of smoke decreases. It had also become evening, so the fish were allowed to spend the night in the smoke oven until the next day. One fish was vacuum packed and put in the freezer for later use, the other 2 were eaten the same evening. A wonderful meal with side dishes, as described above.

Serving: I peel the fish free of skin and bones (also the brown fish fat on the sides) for my guests so it's ready to eat. Got a lot of praise for the taste.

Garnish: Can be garnished with a little green: Parsley, basil or dill.

Drink: We chose a good red wine, because it goes well with smoked trout.

Tip: If you catch mackerel, try to smoke them in the same way. For large mackerel, the time is probably the same, but small mackerel a little less time. But a good thing is: Accommodation in a smoke oven.

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