Silver salmon ceviche with homemade tortilla chips

Shopping List for 4 adults

Silver salmon ceviche
400 g Salmon without skin and cut into 10 mm cubes
3 - 5 limes, divide the juice. See text
1 Orange, the juice is divided into two
2 cloves of garlic, finely chopped
1 Jalapenos or Fresno pepper, seedless but finely chopped
1 shallot, medium large finely chopped
4 Sherry tomatoes, quartered
1 diced avocado. Drizzle with lemon juice
½ teaspoon Cumin
2 tbsp. Coriander or parsley, finely chopped
Salt and pepper to taste
½ Teaspoon can sugar maybe?
Tortilla chips for serving

How to make silver salmon ceviche: In a medium-sized glass bowl, combine the salmon cubes with the juice of half an orange and 3 to 4 limes. The lime and orange juice should cover the salmon cubes. Cover the bowl with cling film and refrigerate for 60 minutes. After the salmon has "cold cooked" for 60 minutes, pour off the lime and orange juice and discard. Mix the rest of the ingredients together with fresh juice of ½ lime and 3 tbsp. fresh orange juice from the rest of the half orange and season with salt and pepper - maybe a little cane sugar, or 1 tsp. heather honey.
I am an angler in Scandinavia
Recipe No. 146
A Norwegian salmon weighing 4 kg has now been cleaned and some will be used for ceviche
A Norwegian salmon weighing 4 kg has now been cleaned and some will be used for ceviche

Procedure without responsibility: Ceviche is raw marinated fish, and therefore it is important to take the precaution of freezing the fish for at least 24 hours at -20 °C or for at least 4 days at -18 °C before use. Many fishmongers sell fish that are specifically intended to be eaten raw. Ask your fishmonger. Another important thing is good kitchen hygiene.

But what is a silver salmon? The Latin name is Oncorhynchus kisutch and it originates from the North Pacific Ocean and therefore not native to Danish waters. But nevertheless it is caught around Funen because they are bred in Horsens fjord and some escaped from the pond in 2017. Silver salmon is also implanted in Oxriver Put & Take, Ringkøbing. So they can be caught in Denmark.

But of course you can also use freshly caught salmon from Danish waters or Norwegian salmon (see the picture above), just observe the freezing rules before use.

Tortilla chips for Silver salmon ceviche
4 Tortilla Pancakes (Purchased)
2 tbsp. Neutral cooking oil per pancake
1 salt

Tortilla chips for extra dip
dried chili

Clip or slice the tortilla pancake into triangular pieces and put them in a freezer bag. Pour oil and salt into the bag, shake the bag well so that the contents are distributed evenly on all pieces.

Take the tortilla triangles out of the bag and place them in a single layer on a baking tray lined with baking paper. Bake the triangles in a fan oven at 200°C for 8 to 10 minutes until golden and crispy. Remove the triangles from the oven and cool them before serving. Become even more crispy when cooled.

Use only one tortilla pancake per bag, otherwise the oil and salt will not be evenly distributed. You may need to use two baking trays for the four tortilla pancakes, because they must not overlap each other.
Homemade Tortilla Chips
Homemade Tortilla Chips

Serving: You can serve the homemade tortilla chips with a dip of guacamole and salsa or a garlic dip and a Happy Holliday dip. Try online and find the recipes.

Garnish: I can only think of a little more fresh cilantro leaves. I would like to say to those who don't like cilantro, use parsley instead.

Drinking: You can either drink a cold, over-fermented and unpasteurised wheat beer or a light, acidic white wine with the dish. You choose.

Tip: If you want to try other types of fish, I can recommend: sole, tuna, cod, ling, hake, haddock, pollock, halibut, sea bass and from shellfish I can mention: prawns, crabs, lobsters, oysters, clams, scallops, sea snails and squid.

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