"Sea salmon" salad

Shopping List for 14 adults

The fish is cut into two fillets
3-5 kg pollack, or saithe
Cod can also be used

Brine 13% or 10 Baume
3 liters of water
440 g of salt
40 g sugar
2 to 4 beetroots
1 to 2 lemons

1 cup neutral cold-pressed edible oil grapeseed oil or
Canola or Rapeseed which is a healthy cooking oil
1 lemon juice

4 l sawdust of beech for hot smoking (3 hours)
8 l of sawdust of beech for cold smoking (48 hours)
I am an angler in Scandinavia
Recipe No. 87
Sea salmon salad made of cod
Sea salmon salad made of cod

Procedure without liability: Let it be said at once, "Sea salmon" does not exist, it is an invented name or just a trade name for a fish product invented around 1931 in Denmark and before in Germany. At the time, the North Sea was full of saithe and pollack, it was almost "bad" fish for no money. Therefore, the fish were processed and got the trade name "Sea salmon" and could then be eaten in Denmark and exported to Germany. "Sea salmon" was obtained by the saithe were filleted, colored pink and put into the smoke-acid (acetum pyrolignosum crud) or in English Liquid smoke. Then the fish was doused with various edible oils and preservatives, so you got the feeling of eating a fatty "Salmon". I must admit that I have eaten many bags of "Sea salmon" salad without knowing how it was made. It tasted good, and I survived. "Sea salmon" salad in this form are not produced any more due to two things: The method was not appreciated by the health authorities and breeding of caged salmon in Norway was cheaper than going fishing for saithe and pollack. OK! it is not only in Norway, one is breeding salmon.

I come up here with a recipe for "Sea salmon" that does not contain dangerous dyes and smoke-acid, but only natural ingredients plus a little smoke. Start by making a brine solution of 13% with a little sugar and lemon juice. Boil water, salt, sugar and lemon juice with 4 peeled and sliced beetroots for 10 minutes. Set the brine to cool during the day and refrigerate overnight. The next day the two cleaned fillets are put in the brine and remain 12 hours in a refrigerator at 5 C. The fillets are taken up and rinsed in clean, cold water and hung to dry for several hours. Fillets may tail tied or placed on hooks within the smoke oven.

Hot smoking
Ensure good smoke in the smoke oven and the temperature is around 70 C. Hold this temperature for 15 minutes to 30 minutes and then go down to 50 C over the next two hours by pouring a good amount of sawdust on the fire. After 2 hours, the temperature would be around 30 C and the fish can then "spend the night" in Smoke house to pull the last flavors into the meat. However, only in the winter when night temperatures are low.

Cold smoking
Fill labyrinth sawdust tray with sawdust, cold smoke the fish in the same way as if it was a salmon. The recipe for cold smoked salmon available elsewhere. I will here in the winter of 2013/14 try to cold smoked fish, to find out if sea salmon salad is just as good when cold smoked.

Place a fillet on a plate and drizzle the meat side with lemon and pour a neutral cooking oil over the fish. Can you eat both fillets over 3 days you do the same with both fillets. Otherwise vacuumers the other fillets and frozen for later use.

Serving: I would "picking" the fish into small pieces and put the meat on a lettuce leaf over a good piece of bread.

Garnish: Drip perhaps more lemon on the fish, place a strip of mayonnaise and sprinkle with cress.

Drinks: A cold beer with a dram or a cold, dry white wine can also be used.

Hints: You may mix some fish meat with mayonnaise and a mild curry instead of pouring the oil over the fish.

Note: Smoke-acid is also called wood vinegar. It is a brown liquid with a sour and bitter taste slightly towards tar, which in no way be taken in concentrated form. It was used in the past to preserve food item and provide them with a smoky taste.

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