Sun eggs with marinated herring or smoked salmon

Shopping List for 4 adults

Saturated brine 26%, or 20 Baume at 4 C
1 liter of water to the brine
350 g of salt to the brine
8 large eggs of good quality
2 large onions to be sliced
1 red chili pepper, sliced
2 cloves garlic, sliced
3 cm ginger, sliced
2 tbsp. apple vinegar

Fill to the eggs
Mustard of your choice (Dijon)
Apple vinegar

4 marinated herring or 4 smoked salmon pieces
4 slices of rye bread with butter to your taste

See my calculation of Brine
Minimum strength of brine, 10% or 112 g of salt per liter of water
I am an angler in Scandinavia
Recipe No. 86
Sun eggs with marinated herring or smoked salmon
Sun eggs with marinated herring or smoked salmon
Here for 2 persons for lunch

Procedure without liability: Cut the onions with the brown shells into slices (peel gives the yellow color), cut chili pepper, garlic and ginger into thin slices. Get 1 liter of water in a pot with a little apple vinegar and bring to the boil with the spices for 10 minutes. Strain the water off and save it for the brine. In a pot boil the eggs in fresh water with a little vinegar for 30 minutes. Add the cooked spices. Why do eggs boil for 30 minutes? This gives a gray-green film on the yoke, which is caused by hydrogen sulphide in the albumen, which react with the iron in the yolk at a temperature in the yolk above 70 C. This gray-green film is quite harmless and is only for the optics.

When the eggs are cooked remove and cool. Press them and roll them around the kitchen table, so the cracks. This gives the eggs a great pattern that appear on the surface when peeled. Brine made of water from before with salt, bring to the boil and cool brine for about an hour.

All eggs are laid in a jar with tight fitting lid. The cooled brine poured over to cover the eggs and close the cover. Set the glass cool and dark for at least 2 weeks before the eggs consumed. The eggs can be kept for several months when kept cool and dark. The amount of salt listed above is for "pub eggs", you get thirsty from eating them.

Serving: Peel the eggs and cut them lengthwise and yolk removed. Fill with a little mustard, Tabasco, vinegar in the hole. Add half a yolk onto with the cut surface down. Server 2 eggs and 1 marinated herring or smoked salmon per person on a plate with a buttered rye bread. The smoked salmon pieces are of course smoked in my old cast iron pot.

Garnish: Dill, chives or other herbaceous will embellish the dish.

Drinks: I can only recommend a dram per half egg and a cold Tuborg/Carlsberg to rinse with.

Note: An egg consists of a shell, egg white and yolk. The shell weighs approx. 10% and is porous so as to diffuse gas (carbon dioxide) of the egg. The white weighs approx. 2/3 and the yolk around 1/3 of the rest of the egg weight. The white of a fresh egg is "cloudy" and viscous, gradually diffuse carbon dioxide out of the eggshell and the white becomes more clear and thinner. The white of fresh eggs coagulate at 62 - 65 C, whereas the "old" eggs coagulate at 59-62 C. So it takes longer time to boil a fresh egg. Yolk coagulating at a somewhat elevated temperature, 65-70 C.

Can you see the problem? The yolk is in the middle of the white, and protects it from the heat. If yolk should coagulate, the temperature should be above 70 C, and now the white stiffened and turned white. The limit I call boiled egg (smiling eggs); if you cut the egg over the yolk runs out.

Eggs always gently submerged in boiling water. Piercing the blunt end with a needle, but be careful. Put the egg with the blunt end on a tablespoon and deep spoon with egg 1/3 into the water before it boils for a few seconds. This applies most for "old" eggs. The gas that has accumulated leaks, and prevent the shell cracking. Always boil in plenty of salted water or vinegar. The amount of water prevents the temperature from reducing much, if cooked many eggs taken straight from the fridge. Salt and/or vinegar coagulate the white immediately if it would flow out of a crack.

See spreadsheet how long the eggs should be cooked. I have set the following temperatures of the yolk: Soft Boiled 63 C , boiled egg 70 C and hardboiled 82 C.

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