Fried eel with boiled potatoes in white parsley sauce

Shopping List for 4 adults

The Fish
1.4 kg of cleaned and peeled eels. Approx. 2 kg live eel
200 g margarine
200 g butter
Wheat flour, rye flour, salt and white pepper for frying

Cream stewed potatoes in parsley sauce
1 kg of potatoes
75 g butter
75 g wheat flour
3/4 l milk or cream
Maybe also some water for the sauce
1 large bunch of parsley
2 lemons
Season the sauce with salt and white pepper
I am an angler in Scandinavia
Recipe No. 32
Fried eel with boiled potatoes in white parsley sauce
Fried eel with boiled potatoes in white parsley sauce

Procedure without liability: Now the recipe had to come. After many recipes with fish, is this recipe lacking for fried eel. It's not difficult to make this recipe, as long as you follow certain rules. Eels must be freshly caught and cleaned just before you fry them. Forget to deep freeze eel - even if it is in water - eel tastes best fresh. I am not saying that it is hazardous to eat deep-frozen eel, but the taste can become rancid because eels are a fat fish.

The best eels are between 250 grams and 300 grams for frying. Clean the eels yourself or get the fish dealer to do this for you. Cut the eel into 6 cm pieces and put them in a plastic bag with 2 tbsp. wheat flour, 1 tbsp. rye flour, 1 tbsp. salt and 1 tsp. white pepper. Shake bag well so the mixture sticks on the eels. Take them out of the bag and frying them on the pan in margarine on all sides, it takes approx. 10 to 15 minutes. Take the eels of the pan and clean the pan before they are fried again in plenty of butter. They will fry by size from 10 to 15 minutes again in plenty of butter. Dribble on kitchen towel before serving. The eels can be kept warm in a 100 C hot oven before serving. One thing is important, the bones MUST slip easily from the meat if not, the eels are not fried enough.

Tip: For very large roasting eels, cut a deep cut lengthwise on both sides to prevent the eel from bending the sides up on the pan during frying. At the same time, the excess eel fat disappears. Frying in margarine takes place under medium heat, in butter under light heat.

Boil the potatoes in slightly salted water for 20 minutes. Take them out of the water and place them cool before cutting into slices. Make a butter bun: Come butter in the pot when it is melted stir flour in gradually. Pour with cream (or milk) and stir until you have the right consistency, if there is not enough cream use a little water. Season sauce with salt and white pepper, boil up and turn off the heat. Potatoes and chopped parsley comes up in the pot. The sauce takes the after-heat, if you have electricity plates. Do you have gas, then supplement with a little heat, but the sauce must not boil after parsley has come in. The sauce must not be eaten the next day (soil bacterium).

Serving: Server just the warm eels on the dish and boiled potatoes in white parsley sauce in a nice pot, so keep it more warmer.

Garnish: Chopped parsley and lemon juice and lemon slices. Should it be nice, place rinse dishes on the table for the fried eel is eaten with your fingers.

Drink: There is no way out. The eels must be served with a cold beer and one or more drams. I prefer the Norwegian Line Akvavit, which is round, soft and mild in taste. Put eel bones around the plate and count the bones. Number of bones is equal to the number of dram. So don't cut the eel into to long pieces.

Hint: The only tip that I can give is, if not eaten up, cold eels are really good day after on a piece of rye bread with butter and coarse salt.

Alternative: Fried eel with potatoes and parsley sauce

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