Pigeons fried in pan served with Waldorf Salad

Shopping List for 4 adults

4 cleansed wood pigeon
4 tbsp. neutral oil and 75g butter for frying
12 to 16 slices bacon
20 pcs. juniper
20 pcs. coriander seeds
1 tuft fresh thyme
1 tuft of parsley
1 leek or 1 onion chopped
1 clove garlic minced
red chilli pepper chopped
2 cup dry white wine or red wine
or chicken stock or 50% of each
2 to 3 dl whipping cream
4 cl schnapps or vodka
2 tsp. salt, 1 tsp. sugar tsp. pepper
tsp. Roquefort cheese

Waldorf salad and lingonberries
4 stalks celery into small cubes
1-2 apples (sour) into small cubes
300 g green, ripe grapes seedless and halved
40 g walnuts some crushed
3 dl Creme fraiche 18%
2 tsp. vanilla sugar or honey

I am an angler in Scandinavia
Recipe No. 99
Pigeons fried in pan served with Waldorf Salad
Pigeons for 3 personr fried in pan served with Waldorf Salad
After reading this recipe, you understand everything about the fried pigeons.
Use the same recipe for Poussins (28-day-old chicks).

First, some facts: In England, hunting season on pigeons throughout the year. The peak season is twice a year. Winter/spring is February and March. The summer/autumn is July, August and September. Until 1994, pigeon hunt in Denmark was from August 1. to December 31. Later changed from September 1. to January 31. In 2007 it was changed from October 1. to January 31. Believe it or not, in 2010 came another change from November 1. to January 31. The reason is that the pigeon is lying on eggs and therefore may not be shot. I've never seen pigeons lie on eggs in October and February. In England the pigeons are not lying on eggs, or do they? It is about time to get a common EU law on hunting?

Procedure without liability: Rub the pigeons inside and outside with salt, sugar and pepper. Unroll some parsley into one or two pieces of bacon and put it into the pigeon. Add a few pieces of bacon around the pigeon. Heat the oil and butter in the saucepan and brown the pigeons on all sides. Getting the cleaned vegetables and spices into the saucepan. Pour the schnapps into the saucepan and immediately come lid on. Let the vapors work for three minutes so the meat will be tender. It is an old hunter trick; if it works, you have to find out for yourself. It does not hurt.

When the snaps have evaporated, pour the liquid on with a small piece Roquefort cheese. It provides a magnificent wild sauce. The pigeons simmer slightly under the lid until tender (see hint), make sure the liquid does not evaporate. Additional liquid (water) may be added. After hour, 1 hour or 2 hours (see tip) take the pigeons up and kept warm under the covers in a wrapping of aluminum foil and tea towels. The sauce sieves and adds the whipped cream constantly whipping until the desired consistency is achieved. You can add a dollop of cold butter under constant whipping. It should not be necessary to add gravy browning to the sauce, but if you think that is too pale, you can simply do this.

The pigeons in halves and place on a serving plate with the caramelized potatoes.

Serving: Serve with Waldorf salad, cranberries and caramelized potatoes.

Garnish: It could be a fresh sprig of parsley or green celery leaves.

Drinks: A good full-bodied red wine to your taste.

Hint: A pigeon is not a pigeon. There are two kinds of pigeons for food: A hunting-pigeon (wild pigeon) and a young pigeon farmed (squab) also called tamed-pigeon. The big difference is in the meat muscle. The hunting-pigeon has flown much before it was shot, why pigeon developed strong muscles, and it is these that make the meat tough. Squab has never flown, as it slaughtered as soon as it has reached an appropriate weight (approximately 500 g) in its aviary/pigeonholes. It takes about 4 weeks to achieve that weight. Therefore, one cannot determine the cooking time exactly before knowing which pigeon you are dealing with: An old hunting-pigeon (2 hours), a young hunting-pigeon (1 hour) or a squab ( hours). In the hunting-pigeon you can see bullet holes and find hail. This is not seen in a squab. Another characteristic can be: hunting-pigeon dark meat - Squab white meat. Best viewed while standing with one in each hand. Cooking time for Poussin is about 35 minutes, calculated from browning.

Sour cream in Waldorf salad can be replaced by many other milk products, which are more, low-fat, such as: plain yogurt, fromage frais, whipped cream and A38.

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