Stone Age Bread

Shopping List for 4 adults

Numbers in parenthesis are for the small baking tin
100 g (80 g) of sunflower seed
100 g (80 g) of linseed
100 g (80 g) of sesame seeds
100 g (80 g) pumpkin seeds
100 g (80 g) walnuts
100 g (80 g) of hazelnuts
60 g (60 g) of pine nuts
40 g (40 g) of almonds
1 dl (3/4 dl) olive oil
6 eggs (4 eggs) medium
1 tsp. fine salt

Stone Age Bread in large tin fills 1.35 liters
Stone Age bread in small tin fills 1.0 liters
I am an angler in Scandinavia
Recipe No. 89
Stone Age Bread 2.8 liter baking tin     Stone Age Bread 1 liter baking tin
Stone Age Bread baked in 2.8 liter baking tin. Stone Age Bread in new 1 liter baking tin

Procedure without liability: It is important to follow the recipe exactly. Weigh out all the ingredients carefully, so there is 700 g (580 g) seeds and nuts in total. Do not use any kind of grains.

Crack 6 eggs into a bowl, whip lightly olive oil and salt in. Then mix all the seeds and nuts well in a new bowl before they empty into the eggs while stirring. Let stand and rest for 10 minutes on the kitchen table while the oven heats up to 160 C. The mixture was poured into a greased baking tin with olive oil. I have used a tin of 2.8 liters (1 liter of a new tin) for ordinary rye bread, thus becoming the Stone Age Bread not so high. A tin of 1 liter will certainly give a higher bread, but it is of course a matter of taste. One must remember that it is not a yeast bread, so it does not rise. I have now bought a new baking tin of 1 liter in Rema 1000 to 15.00 DKK. I shall try it and come up with a new description, because I think that the amount must be reduced, as the thin probably is a bit too small for the above quantities. I have now calculated the amount for the new tin, and the amount can be seen in parentheses.

The mixture is put into the hot oven on the bottom rack and bake for 60 minutes. I used the eggs of size L/M, so I had to give 10 more minutes baking time. Your oven can also give rise to smaller/larger baking time.

Serving: Stone Age Bread eaten as an accompaniment to many fish dishes or as "snacks" to a cold beer or a good red wine.

Garnish: Of course you can garnish everything, but Stone Age Bread needs no garnishment. It would just be a thin layer Heather honey from the Jutland heath.

Drinks: As mentioned a cold beer or a good red wine winter and a cold white wine summer.

Hints: Set definitive the tin on a rack if it is put on a baking tray, the bottom of the tin will be too hot, so Stone Age Bread turns black at the bottom. It has something to do with all the eggs. See the spreadsheet how long the eggs should be cooked.

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