Cod baked in aluminium foil with Feta or Apetina cheese and culinary herbs

Shopping List for 4 adults

1 kg cod fillets without bones
1 kg new Danish potatoes excavated same day
1 red onion
8 small cherry tomatoes
1 cup of basil
1 sprinkle of dried oregano
12 stoned black olives
1 red pepper
100 g butter
200 g Feta or Apetina cheese cubes

Here used parsley in the absence of oregano
I am an angler in Scandinavia
Recipet No. 53
Cod baked in aluminium foil with Feta or Apetina cheese and culinary herbs
Cod baked in aluminium foil with Feta or Apetina cheese and culinary herbs

Procedure without liability: The new Danish potatoes, rinsed and scraped with a glove. Cherry tomatoes rinsed and cut into slices. Red onion cleaned and cut into rings. Peppers cut into strips and cleaned of seeds. Rinse and dry basil in the kitchen roll.

Boil the new Danish potatoes in slightly salted water for 15 minutes. Meanwhile, clean the cod fillet and shared so that there are 4 good pieces of 200 to 250 grams each.

Cod Fillets placed on aluminium foil, salted and sprinkled with pepper from the mill. On top of the fish put tomato slices, onion rings, strips of peppers, black olives, basil, Feta cheese cubes and butter in thin rods. It all sprinkled with a little dry oregano.

Wrap everything into aluminium foil. Use any strong aluminium foil or double layer of the ordinary. Put the fish into a 200 C hot oven for 30 minutes. The dish is also suitable for a ball grill in the garden or over a open fire. Here, the time of course depend on the temperature, which can be achieved in the barbecue or open fire. Please try your way. At the ball grill or open fire should be strong aluminium foil used. The fish rests in aluminium foil 10 minutes before it is eaten.

Serving: The fish with spices and potatoes served on a plate if you eat right at home. Out in the open unpack the aluminium foil and implemented on top the potatoes and everything eaten directly from the "package".

Garnish: A lemon slice doing well and looks also nice on the plate.

Drink: A cold white wine well suited to the dish or a cold beer and a schnapps.

Hint: You can of course also use other fish that you catch on your fishing trip. If you also want to eat good bread to the dish, use more butter and came a little white wine in the package. It makes a good sauce to dip the bread in.

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