Tuna and shrimp in a spicy salad with feta cheese

Shopping List for 4 adults

1 can of tuna in oil (or water)
200 g cutter-shrimp cutter-frozen shrimp are best
1 to 2 romaine lettuce
cucumber (peeled)
1 red onion
2 spring onions
2 large red tomatoes
canned Feta or Danish Apetina
1 pk. Tapas green and black olives
4 scrape eggs, hard boiled or poached
8 tbsp. virgin olive oil
6 tbsp. apple vinegar
4 garlic
red chili pepper (strong)
8 small cherry tomatoes
salt and a little sugar (honey) in the dressing
1 bunch fresh parsley
1 bunch fresh basil
Bread of your choice: Carrot bread with sesame seeds or Rustic Baguette
I am an angler in Scandinavia
Recipe No. 64
Tuna and shrimp in a spicy salad with feta cheese
Tuna and shrimp in a spicy salad with feta cheese

Procedure without liability: Start by making a dressing, mix virgin olive oil and vinegar in a bowl. Come finely chopped garlic, chili pepper, salt and sugar (honey) in. Halve cherry tomatoes and put them in the bowl with a package Tapas olives and feta cheese into cubes. Let dressing drag a few hours at room temperature.

Clean, rinse and dry the vegetables. Romain lettuce cut into suitable pieces and place in bottom of a dish. Some of the above tsp. dressing poured over. Cucumber Slices, spring onions, tomato slices and onions slices mixed and placed into a nice layer. Add the remaining dressing over the content. Spread the drained tuna over the salad - spread drained shrimp over tuna. The dish garnish with 1/4 eggs or poached eggs, as shown here. Parsley and basil sprinkled generously. The eggs sprinkled with salt. Make plenty of dressing, so you can dip your bread in it. Dressing is allowed to be "Hot".

Serving: Place the dish on the table and give a good bread for tuna / shrimp salad. I used a Rustic Baguette bread warmed in the oven a few minutes. For sandwiches will triangular carrot bread with sesame seeds, which also warmed in the oven first, be suitable if there would be anything left.

Garnish: Parsley and basil will be suitable for this purpose.

Drinks: Summer a chilled white wine. Winter a good, light red wine.

Hint: "Salad" can be used in a burger as a takeaway sandwich.

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