Salted and smoked wild boar club

Shopping List for 4 adults

1 wild boar club of approx. 2.5 kg

8 liters of brine made from:
6.90 liters of water
2.382 kg coarse salt
100 grams of cane sugar
It gives 26% weight of brine
or 20 B Degrees Baume

Option Spices:
3 tbsp. Thyme dried
3 tbsp. Whole peppercorns
3 tbsp. Whole juniper
1 pack of bay leaves

Salt jar of 14 liters
Big plate as weight
Smoke oven for cold smoke
Beech sawdust
Juniper sawdust

Note: Sugar and spices are not included in calculating
the Grade Baume of the brine.
One can use "butcher salt", that is nitrite salt 0.6%,
which gives the meat the red color. It can be purchased in
Denmark online.

Spice snaps: Take and crush 30 pcs. juniper and cut
a red chili pepper in slices, pour in 250 ml of vodka.
Allow the spices to soak in vodka during the time you
make the club. When the club is smoked and the string
removed, the club is brushed off 2 to 3 times the first
week of maturation.
I am an angler in Scandinavia
Recipe No. 116
Salted and smoked wild boar club

Salted and smoked wild boar club

Procedure without liability: I assume that an almost saturated brine is made at 4 C, where water fills the least. Salinity solubility in water depends on temperature. At 0 C, 357 g of salt per 1 liter of water can be dissolved, at 100 C 398 g of salt can be dissolved per 1 liter of water. In this brine, 2382/6.9 = 345 g of salt are dissolved in 1 liter of water at 4 C. If you want to use other values, you can apply mine Excel Spreadsheets for the calculations. The normal value for salting food is between 10 B and 16 B. But here it is a wild boar club that must be long lasting and hard in consistency, therefore I choose 20 B. When salting, the temperature should be between 5 C and 8 C. I use a refrigerator in my outdoor kitchen designed for this, as well as my cold beer. In addition, the refrigerator can also be used for drying meat and fish waiting to be smoked.

Now we need to get started: Put the water into a large pot and bring the water to a boil. Pour the salt over gradually and stir in the pan. Then add the spices and sugar. Keep the pan boiling for the next few minutes. If the salt comes in cold water, it lies on the bottom while the water boils, and then the salt can "burn" together on the bottom of the pan. I have experienced this myself with my electricity hotplate. The hot brine is cooled overnight. The waiting time can be used to defrost and defecate the wild boar club for the upper leg.

The brine is poured into the salt jar and the wild boar club is submerged in brine. A large, heavy plate is placed on top so that the wild boar club is completely covered with brine. The salt jar is now set to cool - between 5 C and 8 C - and the wild boar club is salted for 2 weeks, if boned. If the wild boar club is put in with bone it must have between 3 and 4 weeks. A rule of thumb says 1 week per kg of meat without bone. With bone double up.

After 2 weeks, remove the club and rinse well in running cold water. May be put in clean, cold water overnight. We want the surface free of any salt, as it can give a white color to the meat when it becomes dry. The club is dipped dry in paper towel and must now be tied together with meat cord. A loop must be made on the club at the pointed end so that it can be hung up for drying. A suitable meat hook can also be used, can be purchased in Biltema. Drying can take place in a refrigerator at 5 C to 8 C. But remember to ventilate the refrigerator so that the humidity does not get too high. It takes 2 to 4 days to dry the club. Try with a finger, your finger must not stick to the meat. If you have a drying cupboard closed with an insect gauze, it can also be used during the winter period in the carport. I have heard of "ham bags" that they use in Norway. Try searching the web. I have purchased material so I can make these ham bags myself. More about these comes when they are finished.

When you think the club is dry enough, it should be cold smoked. The temperature should be kept below 27 C throughout the period. It should not be a problem during the winter period. The temperature in my smoke oven rises by 10 C compared to ambient temperature. I use a labyrinth sawdust tray, so there is not too much glow at a time. I use beech sawdust added with 5% juniper sawdust, which gives a good taste - both in meat and fish (Eel). The labyrinth sawdust tray can contain 8 liters of sawdust, which is poured loosely so that the embers can catch. Light fire in the front left corner with either a little alcohol or a weed burner. The club is suspended in the smoke oven when the alcohol has burned out (no flames).

My sawdust tray can glow for 16 to 24 hours depending on how much it blows - pull in the smoke oven. I expect to smoke the club for 4 days, so it must be replenished with sawdust sometimes, followed by breaks of 6 hours. I am now ready to smoke my wild boar club and it is January with temperatures between minus 5 C and plus 5 C, so it is exciting to see what the temperature in the smoke oven will be.

The days and nights with minus 5 C became the temperature only plus 5 C, but set fire to all 3 channels the temperature reached 24 C. Then I also tried this. I smoked the wild boar club for 5 days with an average temperature of 15 C. Now the club hangs and matures in my drying cabinet in the outdoor kitchen, where the day temperature is at 4 C and the night temperature goes in minus. I mature for 2 weeks. The club is brushed with a spice snap consisting of juniper and chili peppers. This has been done 3 times over a week.

I got a couple of "ham bags" with the help of our good neighbor who is firm with a sewing machine. The bags were made from the old-fashioned cotton diapers purchased in Jysk, 12 pcs. DKK 120.00 They just need to be cooked well before use, as the fabric is bleached with chlorine.

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