Breeding your own escargots or collect live escargots

Collection List for 4 adults

Ingredients for the oven:
32 large escargots 5 cm
2 new baked flute
Butter of Escargot "a la Burgundy"
250 g butter
4 cloves garlic
1 cup parsley
2 shallots
salt and black pepper
Ingredients for the soup:
1 liter chicken broth or
2 cubes with 1 liter water
½ liter white wine
2 shallots
4 cloves garlic
½ cup thyme
1 tsp. salt
½ tsp. white pepper
½ tsp. rose paprika
1 red chili pepper
4 bay leaves
1 parsley root
1 carrot
Take away the mucus:
100 g of salt per liter of water 4 tbsp. of vinegar per liter of water
I am an angler in Scandinavia
Recipe No. 21
Snails dish with 6 escargots
Snails dish with 6 escargots

Start with some facts: Escargot - also known as "Rampart Escargot" - is the biggest shell-borne escargot in Denmark. It lives in many places in Eastern and Northern Jutland and on East Sjælland. The escargots like to live in places where the soil is calcareous. It is assumed that they were introduced to Denmark in the middle Ages by monks who ate these escargots in Lent. Snails and carp fish was not considered "real" meat and might be consumed in Lent. Well! They were some strange "Fish" or "Snails" - those monks. The word Escargot is used on edible snails.

The escargot was protected in 1991 in Denmark, but not quite, it means that it must be collected for personal consumption. You can collect escargots and prepare them for your own consumption but not for re-sale. If you want this, do your own "Escargots Farm".

How do you get an Escargots Farm? Find two escargots in May when it rains, but remember to look after if the escargots are both right-twisted. Most escargots are right-twisted and only two identical twisted escargots can mate. Mark escargot shells 1 and 2 with a waterproof pen. Let these two escargots live in your garden until August and put them back where you found them. They have now laid between 20 and 60 eggs in your garden, next year you have your own escargots stock, shall we say 40 escargots. Lifetime of escargots is from 6 to 8 years, so you will have 102,400,000 (40*40*40*40*40) escargots in your garden after 5 years. Escargots are hermaphrodites, so it is only necessary to collect two. When they meet, they decide for themselves what sex, they each will be. It is quite convenient, since it all goes with the "escargot's pace". There is no time to lose. One of the pictures shows an escargot that has dug down and is about to lay eggs. It was a rainy day around midsummer (Sankt Hans).

Procedure without liability: As a starter for 4 people, you need 32 large escargots between 4 cm and 5 cm in diameter. They gathered best on a rainy July or August day, where they have laid eggs, and therefore have made their "duty of escargots". The offspring is guaranteed and the escargot has eaten itself large and thick. Escargots must now be prepared for human consumption, i.e. all toxic "things" - Mushroom - which the escargot can eat, must be discharged from the escargot's esophagus and intestinal tract. Esophagus sits in the "foot" and intestine sit up in the twisted escargot shell. You eat only the foot, the gut is cut away. Preparation is best done in a solid box of white wood placed in the shade. White wood without tannic acid. Escargots spraying regularly with temperate water for two days, you are sure that stomach contents are emptied out. Would you like to give the escargots a wholesome replacement and a spicy taste, you can feed them with parsley, parsley root and herbs the first two days, the last two to three days are fasting and purging days. Escargot discharges its stomach contents sitting in the "digestive rest" on the wood box sides; it takes usually a few days. My escargots were collected Saturday, went until Monday on herbs for sprinkling twice a day. Monday herbs were removed and escargots sat down in the digestive position until Thursday when they were prepared.

Escargots are killed quickly and easily (read human) in boiling, slightly salted water. Before you do this, check the escargots are alive. Get them in the sink and shower with temperate water. After 15 to 20 minutes is the escargot awaked and come out of his shell. Those who do not come out discarded. Use a large pot of at least 5 liters to kill the escargots in. The escargots come up in the boiling salted water, and take them out 5 to 10 minutes after water is boiling again with a skimmer. While escargots are still lukewarm, pull escargot's body - read feet, stomach and intestine - out of their shells with a small fork. Stomach with intestine is cut off.

Warning: Never kill the living escargots in salt. It is cruel and has no purpose. Please use my description above.

Slime of the escargots in several portions slightly salted, boiling water before being cooked finished in the soup. It is a procedure that can take time. I used to portions boiling water for this process. The soup is a good broth made of a boiled chicken added onion, garlic, carrot, parsley root, bay leaves, red chili pepper, and thyme. In short, what you have in your herbal garden. The cleaned escargots are softly cooked at low heat approx. 2 hours in this broth. Escargots placed for quick cooling in a colander. There are now two options, either frozen escargots in the soup for later use or the pre-cooked escargots prepared now. I spent a good chicken broth made from cubes and all the best from my herbal garden for the soup.

Preparation of pre-cooked escargots: The absolute cleaned and dried escargots shells are located in salt in a baking dish with the opening up. One to two escargots placed in each shell and melted "Butter of Escargot" poured over. Put in a 225 °C hot oven for 10 minutes. Serve immediately with freshly baked flutes to immerse in the butter in escargot shells. Images of the final dish at a later date because I have frozen the escargots.

Drink: It is really very difficult to choose the correct "drink" to this dish, so I think you must choose yourself. Is it summer, and you sit on the terrace, I recommend a dry, cool white wine. Perhaps Champagne would be good to it. Judge yourself.

Hint: You can buy canned pre-cooked escargots with cleaned escargots shells, so you're saving yourself a lot of work. But remember it must be the right canned escargots and not the finished deep frozen in parsley and garlic butter. This is marsh snails - read sewage snails from Far East. Instead of escargots shells, you can find in the trading houses a plate with 6 to 8 holes where the escargots are placed and you only poured the "Butter of Escargot" over, and then baked in the oven at 200 °C for 10 minutes.

Escargots shells cleaned: Remove the last remnants of the intestinal system and boil escargots shells in water containing a little soda. Escargots shells rinsed well in hot water and put to drain. Finally they are baked in the oven at 200 °C for 10 minutes. They can now be used as described above.

Note: You are obviously not having as many escargots in your garden, as described above. Many die during winter. They are eaten by animals and birds. The largest escargot eater, you have in your garden, is the hedgehog. Use hedgehog if you have Iberian snail's alias Killer snails in the garden. Remember definitive no poison in your garden when you have an escargot farm.

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