Decibel (dB) Calculator

Decibel defined as ten times the logarithm of a power ratio. Or twenty times the logarithm of a voltage ratio or a current ratio. This calculator converts decibels between a voltage ratio and a current ratio or a power ratio. Just fill in one field and click Convert below the field. The calculator converts the other two conditions. dB = 20log 10 (V1/V2) = 10log10 (P1/P2).

Example: Insert 6.021 in dB and read Volt gain to 2.00 and Power gain to 4.00. Also try inserting the 2 other values and read the result.

dB = 20log10(V1/V2)                and               20log10(I1/I2)                 or                10log10(P1/P2)

Decibels (dB)
Voltage Gain (V1/V2)
Power Gain (P1/P2)

In the case of a damping insert dB as a negative number.

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