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In principle, spice schnapps is made in three different ways in the industry. Homemade spice schnapps is only legal according to the "Cold compounding" method, as you have bought the alcohol with paid tax. Home-brewed spirits are illegal in Denmark. The website: Snaps and Herbs I can recommend.

1. Cold compounding: Cold compounding of a strong alcohol and herbs also called "Bathtub Snaps" in Danish. You get an essence that is filtered and mixed with a neutral alcohol, which eventually gets a strength that suits your taste. It is the cheapest way to produce spice schnapps and the only legal way to produce it in private.

2. The distillation method: This is the method by which most spice schnapps is produced industrially. The desired herbs are added to alcohol, in which they soak for a few days, after which the alcohol is redistilled. Fruit "Snapse" is made by fermenting the fruit and distilling it afterwards. Examples are: Cognac, Armagnac, Calvados, The French Eau-De-Vie: Pears - Apples - Raspberries - Plums. The method is somewhat more expensive than method 1.

3. Steam infusion: This is the method, with two or more consecutive distillations of a high concentrate of alcohol. With the "Steam infusion" method, the herbs do not touch the alcohol, but are hung in baskets above the alcohol distillate in the outlet funnel on the distillation apparatus, which is a Pot distiller. The alcohol strength is adjusted with water after distillation. It is an expensive method to make spice schnapps. The method is well known for Gin production, as the "schnapps" becomes completely clear and has a fine aroma. Hendrick Gin, Blue Sapphire Gin and Tangueray Gin are made this way.

We make our spice schnapps by sprinkling the herbs or fruits with a fine spirit (96%) or other neutral spirit of lesser strength to extract ethanol-soluble substances. If the alcohol strength becomes too high, there is a risk that substances that are only water-soluble will not be included in the extract. It is a balancing act to find the right strength for the various urtrr and fruits. That's why I stick to a 37.5% Vodka, maybe a 40% Gin.

Noun: a Beverage, a Medicine or an Extract prepared by soaking fruits or herbs in a liquid. The liquid can be boiling water for tea and coffee. It can be alcohol for spice schnapps. After all, that is what our hobby is.

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