Calculation of mg nitrite per kg of meat with 0.6% nitrite salt

In Denmark, there are some rules for how much nitrite may be added to food. There are three values that are consistent and apply to what foods it is about.

1. 100 mg/kg for sterilized meat products. I assume that these are cooked products (Sausages for example)
2. 150 mg/kg for most meat products.
3. 175 mg/kg it is mainly bacon, ham, ham and dry cured meat.

The default value for nitrite is 120 mg/kg meat. It is important to use the decimal period if required. The standard value for nitrite salt in Denmark is 0.6%.
Sodium ascorbate E301 is used if a lot of nitrite salt is added. Keeps the red color in the meat and reduces the nitrite value over time. Salt of ascorbic acid E300.
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