Meat, salt, nitrite and brown sugar calculator for vakuum saltning

The purpose is to calculate the weight of: Meat or Ordinary salt or Nitrite salt or Brown brown sugar when only one of the sizes is known. The degree of salting is constant, ie 24 grams of salt in total per 1000 grams of meat. It gives a degree of salting of 2.4%. In addition, the nitrite content of the meat is also taken into account, which will be 102 mg per 1000 grams of meat if 0.6% nitrite salt is used.

Just fill in a field and click "Convert" below the field. The calculator will convert the other three values and insert them into the fields.

If you taste 1000 grams of meat, you get 7 grams of common salt, 17 grams of nitrite salt and 5 grams of brown sugar. It gives a total of 24 grams of salt, giving a degree of salting of 2.4%. 17 grams of 0.6% nitrite salt gives 102 mg of nitrite in 1 kg of meat. If a lower or higher value for nitrite content is desired, nitrite salt is reduced or increased and the difference is added or subtracted from the common salt value, to keep the 2.4%.

It is important to use the decimal point if required. Reset the calculator each time you want to enter new values.

Meat grams
Common Salt gram
Nitrite salt grams
Brown Farin gram

Enter only one value: Meat or Common salt or Nitrite Salt or Brown sugar and click "Convert" below the entry.

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