Meat, common salt, nitrite salt and brown farin calculator for vakuum saltning

With recommended amounts of spices

The purpose is to calculate the weight of: Meat and Common salt and Nitrite salt and Brown Farin and Spices when only one of the sizes is known. The degree of salting is constant, i.e. 24 grams of salt in total per 1000 grams of meat. This gives a degree of salinity of 2.4%. In addition, consideration is also given to the nitrite content in the meat, which will be 102 mg per 1000 grams of meat if 0.6% nitrite salt is used.

Only fill in one field where it says "Conversion" and click on "Conversion" under the same field. The calculator will convert all the other values and insert them into the fields. Note that all values are in grams.

If you taste 1000 grams of meat, you get 7 grams of common salt, 17 grams of nitrite salt and 5 grams of brown sugar, as well as all the other values for recommended spices. This gives a total of 24 grams of salt, which gives a degree of salting of 2.4%. 17 grams of 0.6% nitrite salt gives 102 mg of nitrite in 1 kg of meat. If a lower or higher value for nitrite content is desired, nitrite salt is reduced or increased and the difference is added to or subtracted from the normal salt value, to keep the 2.4%.

It is important to use a decimal point if required. Reset the calculator every time you want to enter new values.

All the spices below are up to you, whether you want to mix in the salt. Is suitable for pork meat.
Meat grams
Common Salt grams
Nitrite Salt grams
Brown Farin grams
Sodium Ascorbate E301
Black pepper, ground
Coriander, ground
All spices, ground
Cayenne Pepper, ground
Garlic Powder
Cumin, ground
Juniper, crushed
Mustard seeds Yellow, ground
Bay leaves

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Just enter one value in one field and click "Convert" below.

Excel spreadsheet for calculating salt, sugar and spices for vacuum salting - Open the spreadsheet and go to "Preface" and read about Sodium Ascorbate E301.

Salting - Drying - Curing - Smoking - Aging of meat. - Procedure for vacuum salting of meat.

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