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Calculates the amount of nitrite in milligrams per kg of meat with different % strengths in nitrite salts

The Danish health authorities have stated guidelines for how many milligrams of residual nitrite may be in the finished products. If we look through the list for the different products, we get: Min 50 mg / kg to 180 mg / kg meat. Use only the absolutely necessary nitrite content in the food, which is necessary for a good preservation and thus provide food safety. On the plus side also comes the appetizing red color.

My personal attitude to nitrite salt I will not go into because it is like a religion to others. But I use it sparingly and I set the limit at approx. 100 mg / kg meat. There are several strengths of nitrite salt, so therefore this calculation table for quick calculation of milligrams of nitrite per 1 kg of meat.

Example: Weigh 1 kg of meat and add 17 grams of 0.6% nitrite salt. Enter 17 and 0.6. Click Calculate milligrams of nitrite per kg of meat and read 102 mg of nitrite in your meat.

It is important to use the decimal point if required. Reset the calculator each time you want to enter new values.

Nitrite salt in Grams per kg of meat
Nitrite salt in % [% character not written]    
Nitrite in Milligrams per kg of meat
NM = (NG / 100 ) x N%

NM = Nitrit in Milligram per kg of meat,     NG = Nitritsalt in Gram per kg of meat,     N% = Nitritsalt in %

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