Vacuum salting of meat and an arbitrary % salt calculation

With vacuum salting of meat and the use of 2.4% salt, you are sure not to oversalt your meat. With the calculation table below, it is possible to calculate the amount of salt in relation to the amount of meat. You can also see how much meat you can salt with a given amount of salt. Default amount of meat is 1000 grams and salt 24 grams, which is 2.4%.

1. Insert meat weight in grams and salt in grams, press "Calculate degree of salinity in %" and Salting degree in % can be read, as well as my comments on this.

It is important to use a decimal point if required. Calculated with 3 decimal places.


Meat weight in grams
Salt in grams
Degree of salinity in %
Comment on degree of salinity

Enter meat in grams and salt in grams and click "Calculate degree of salting in %". Degree of salinity in % is read to 3 decimal places.

If you want to replace some of the ordinary table salt with 0.6% nitrite salt, the total amount of salt is calculated. Therefore, the amount of nitrite salt is subtracted from the calculated amount of salt. I have made a spreadsheet in Excel which can provide a better calculation of how much nitrite salt should be used according to the health authorities.

Excel spreadsheet for calculating salt, sugar and spices for vacuum salting
Salting - Drying - Curing - Smoking - Aging of meat

Danish version

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