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I will tell you about the many different fishing locations in Scandinavia, where I have been fishing alone or with my good fish friends.

There are of course many other good fishing places that I have not tried, but by nature I can only write about the places where I have been. As something new, I also write about planned fish holidays. The site is not a "Fishing Guide" but more a "Diary" of good fishing experiences in Scandinavia, which I would like to share with other anglers and sport fishermen.

News you will find below.
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You probably notice that I (consistently) avoids mentioning prices on my website. It is from the fact that they change from year to year, but try to go to the links so that you will find probably the updated prices and other relevant news for those places.

I will update the site with new catch accompanied by pictures and text, as they received. So stick with my regular a'jour website.

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My CV you can find here.
I have fished for many years in Denmark, Sweden and Norway and had to return to these magnificent fish places. Sometimes with great success, sometimes with less success. But never mind! - That is what makes fishing so exciting. And then fish trips to the far north also constitute casual summer with glorious nature experiences with good fishing friends.

In the menu on the left side you can "click" in and see fish places that I visited in Denmark, Sweden and Norway, and good fish recipes. Catch Reports "Fangstrapport" and Club news "Klub nyt" can only be seen if you've been assigned a username and password. Send me an e-mail so you can be logged on. Use this: Forms.
For anglers's friends
FLS Sportsfiskerforening
Køge Sportsfiskerforening
Solrød Sportsfiskerklub
Nedre Stensåens FVO

I bring the page, "Klub nyt" with the latest news from the clubs. The page will not replace the clubs' own websites, but supplement these with other current fishing news.
You can see how you can come to fish in these places and where there may be purchased fishing licence, daily, weekly or seasonally, camping and provisioning. For all fish mates in clubs FLS Sportsfiskerforening, Køge Sportsfiskerforening and Solrød Sportsfiskerklub "Regnbuen" I would very much like a good fish recipe for all the fish caught. Send me a good recipe for: herring, cod, garfish, mackerel, flat fish, grayling, trout, salmon, perch, pike, pike-perch , or eels. So I put it on the website, but you must also provide a picture with the recipe. I would rather have the image in portrait form, as the recipe must stand beside the picture. However, it is not a requirement.

Accommodation Logi: Here you will find accommodation at a fish water.
It is intended that the page will be for members who want to write an article with fish together with a picture of the catch. You simply send the text via e-mail and an attached image as a "name".jpg file. If You do not have e-mail, please send the original image in the pre-paid envelope for me, so you get the picture back.

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I have made an electronically controlled Smoking Oven where I smoked my fish
Do you have the courage to build your own "Electronically Controlled Smoking Oven" you can buy diagram with PCB layout for manufacturing your own circuit. Material BOM on "Temperature Controller" version 3, material BOM with approx. prices for Smoking Oven included. Includes a CD with files of the above. Price EUR 40.00 plus shipping cost in Denmark 5.00 EUR. Send me an e-mail.. Note now it is version 3 of "Temperature Controller", and it is PCB film, so you can make your own PCB. Complete descriptions of the work "Self Build" can be found here. Username and Password, you do not need any more. The page have been freely available to all interested "Smoking Oven" fans. See the new approach: "Cold Smoking" in my "Smoking Oven". There are also new electronics underway for the Actuators.

Form of payment: Prepay by X-check or bank transfer in Denmark. From abroad BIC / SWIFT IBAN internet transfer.

With regard to the drawings for the building instructions refer to the magazine, Gør det selv No. 8 / 2002 24 May. Try the library, they can probably get the magazine. Looking for Adobe Reader on your PC for printing out PDF files, you can download a free program here.

Do you access my website via a search engine, you always end up on this page here. You can search a topic above or on the "Recipes = Opskrifter" if it is fish recipes or smoke recipes you want. Enjoy.


Now for something completely different that has nothing to do with fishing
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