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Having said Smoking, one must also say Grilling. Find a topic below

Outdoor Grill in red brick

The foundation is ready for the Barbecue
The next project is an outdoor Barbeque to handle large tasks. There will be more about this, as the project progresses. Foundation was cast 2 years ago in connection with the renovation of the terrace. So I start here with pictures.

The image on the left shows my chimney is of red bricks, so I build the Grill in red brick. New bricks cost a fortune now, but try on a recycling place or see you in the landscape, where new houses are build.

Contact the developer and ask him if you can buy bricks when construction is complete, if some bricks are left over. It is almost the case. It was in this way, I had bought 300 bricks for 500.00 DKK.

Continuation follows in year 2004. For now in the summer of 2003 we have got a great homemade Grill, which is excellent. I'm missing just a rotating spear with a keeping device for chickens and various roasts. I don't do it anymore, I have contacted Can-Scan. They have everything in barbecue accessories in a very good quality at reasonable prices.

My brick barbecue is currently in abeyance. The great homemade Iron Plate Grill and Ball Grill offer full coverage for our needs. And now the red brick is used for something else.

As every year serious incident involving the use of barbecue, I will come with a warning not to move the grill inside. When wood and charcoal embers, there is a combustion with a deficit of air (oxygen), and developed carbon monoxide (Carbon Monoxide - CO), which is an invisible, tasteless, odorless and deadly poisonous gas. You get an insidious carbon monoxide poisoning and "sleep" directly into death. Therefore NEVER bring a grill/smoking oven inside, but leave it in the garden. Search on Google under "Carbon monoxide poisoning grill" and read the many unfortunate events.
Continuation follows

Before you start to Grill you should visit this website

How to Grill by Steven Raichlen.
Congratulations on your new BBQ Grill and books

These books are easy to read books published in the original English version.

The American author, Steven Raichlen, is considered a great barbecue guru in the U.S., and has a total of 24 published books.

Since June 2003, Steven Raichel has also had its own barbecue television series on television in the United States. Steven Raichel also offers a 3-day BBQ grill course at the very famous Greenbrier Resort in West Virginia, which are taught in some of the most modern indoor and outdoor premises.

For additional information and assistance, a website has been established in English, where there will be more regular recipes, links, forum, barbecue and various accessories.

So welcome to website: How to Grill

Here's something for you if you do not want to build your own barbecue

Sterling Gasgrill from Can-Scan
Sterling Gasgrill
When food quality and recreation is a way of lifestyle is no better than a Gasgrill from Can-Scan, Fyrrebakken 1, 3630 Jægerspris.

This Sterling Gasgrill that you see here to the left is probably one of the "flag ship" as Can-Scan to offer. Are you in favor of Gasgrill you will find several models that may better suit your needs on Can-Scan website. Lower picture shows the Can-Scan's exhibition at Forum 2004. Call Finn in Can-Scan on tel 47 53 10 10 and get a good offer on a Grill to suit your needs.

You'll also find many different kinds of barbecue accessories that you can usefully apply to the grill, you might have in advance.

News: Summer Exhibitions 2017 in Frederiksberg Garden and Ledreborg Castle coming up here.                                                                                

Frederiksberg Garden 2017

My Home is My Castle Frederiksberg Garden from June x. to June y. 2017. There will be open from 10.00 - 18.00.

Ledreborg Castle 2017

Lifestyle on Ledreborg Castle always held in May. In 2017 it held from May x. to June y. There will be open from 10.00 -18.00.


The theme offers exquisite culinary temptations from suppliers. Gastronomy Exhibitors are offered a special area with plenty of space to present the many guests to the best that can be presented at the Danish kitchen. While the audience may bring hunger in a number of exciting restaurants and cafes, where the good food experience is central.

Directions From Copenhagen:

Run along the road 21 and highway 23 at Roskilde. Turn off at exit No. 13 from Ringsted, then right at the first traffic lights. Follow signs for Lejre and Ledreborg.
Sterling gasgrill from Can-Scan

The Company Can Scan will as previously be found at the exhibition "Lifestyle" in Ledreborg Castle Park and Frederiksberg Garden. All of the many models of Sterling Gasgrill will be exhibited, and several of them will also be in use, so you can taste the barbecue dishes. There will also be a professional chef who preparing dishes from the book How to Grill. Come and join. The exhibited items can be purchased directly from the booth.


I started with my new super-heavy grill spear with motor

Grill motor and spear mounted
Super-heavy grill spear with motor and counterweight.
Can also be used for a ball grill.
Super-heavy grill spear with motor and counterweight from Can-Scan will now be mounted on my homemade iron-plate grill.

I have measured up where the grill-spear must be placed and drilled two 16 mm holes in each side of the grill. Spear center is approx. 160 mm above the grate. On the right side where the motor must be placed I have drilled the hole 150 mm down from the top edge. The left side I have drilled the hole 157 mm down from the top edge. Bearing is 14 mm and spear ought to be horizontal, therefore this difference.

The left side is cut from the top and down to the drilled hole. The cutting is 16 mm wide. File the edges and rounded the top, so you do not cut yourself.

Motor bracket should now be mounted on the right side. The supplied brackets do not fit my grill because my grill is 35 mm longer than the spear can reach. Bracket may be easily modified by cutting a piece and bend it 35 mm shorter than before. Max length of barbecue is 700 mm. Then fit the bracket with two M6 machine bolts and lock nuts. The motor is powered by two 1.5 V batteries type D, but can also be connect to an adapter for 230VAC/3VDC.


It is now time to test the Grill with a "Summer Duck"

Finally, it was fairly barbecue weather in Whitsun 2004. But we could not sit outside and eat, so we covered up indoors. The Lady in the house had found a Christmas duck in the freezer, which could be exciting to try in a new way and on the new grill with the motor driven spear.

I intend to make a salted, light juniper smoked duck in the following way: The deep-frozen ducks thawed in the refrigerator for 24 hours. Then put it in a 10% brine for 3 hours in a refrigerator at 5° C max, then rinse in cold water and dried with a tea towel.

The duck filled with parsley, green leafy celery tops, and a little thyme. Do you have other herbs in your garden, try just these. The Ball Grill prepared for indirect heat. Cast-iron box with room for juniper crumbs and water placed directly over the coal on one side. The duck in the middle on top of a alum tray to collect the grew fat. At the other side, the new potatoes, brushed in olive oil and sprinkle with coarse salt were placed. Lid placed on the Ball Grill with closed valve at the top and open valve at the bottom.

Now it's just to keep up with the temperature inside the duck with a roast thermometer. These are available in several versions, the one shown here can sit in the duck during the roasting. The digital thermometer can not.

The duck is brushed during roasting with Old Danish Mjød until the temperature in the duck reach 78 °C. Then take it out and place the duck on the spear. Heat the skin until it is crispy and an internal temperature of 80 °C. Serve with a good summer salad of your own choice and new potatoes with flutes. Use grew fat with Old Danish Mjød as sauce.

Indicative meat temperatures on the right:
Cast-iron box for smoke dust

The duck is ready for smoke in the ball grill
The skin is finally made crispy
Summer Duck salted and light juniper smoked in ball grill
80 °C to 85 °C, turkey and pork roast
80°C Chicken and Poultry
"Well done" - Gennemstegt
75°C Beef, veal, pork and lamb
"Medium" - Svag rosa kerne
70°C Beef, veal, pork and lamb
"Rare" - Rød kerne
60°C Beef and veal file and roast beef
70°C Christmas Ham
55°C Whole fish with bones and fish file/block fish


Red wine marinated lamb leg roasted, slightly smoked in ball grill

Red wine marinated lamb leg
A handful of smoke dust on
the coal give a good taste
There are many ways to cook lamb, but barbecued lamb is probably the best way. Lamb legs here without bones was marinated in red wine for 4 hours in the refrigerator before it was "stuck" with garlic and a bundle of parsley into where the bone had been.

The recipe here is really more an attempt to test a digital thermometer and timer from Favør to 50.00 kroner, than it is to provide a complete recipe. The unique about this thermometer is the metal cable that can sit in the lamb legs at all times so that the temperature of the meat can be seen from outside the ball grill. Max. temperature is adjustable, and when this is reached, the clock rings in the thermometer.

Attached the thermometer you will find a manual, which also indicates the temperatures for different meats. But I see many different temperatures for the same meats, depending on whom you ask. For example here with lamb, it goes from 70 °C to 82 °C. I set the alarm to 77 °C, took the lamb legs out, let it rest for an hour packed in aluminium foil and it was perfectly fried. Cream Potatoes and mint jelly is served to the meal.


Reconstruction of open iron-plate grill to closed iron-plate grill

I have found that long-time grilling of a duck or a roast I lose much heat in my open iron-plate grill. I have therefore tried to make a lid for my grill. It works fantastic. Now I keep the heat inside the grill and can add the meat a smoky flavor as needed.

I have made the lid in two parts. The top is used when I grill a duck, a chicken or a roast on the rotating spear or fish in aluminium foil. The bottom is put on when to add smoke flavor to the meal. Perhaps also in winter time when the temperature is maintained at high levels. We will see at that time.

The first two images show the temperature in the Grill 150 °C with the top put on and the temperature in "Fish in aluminium foil" 35 °C. The next two pictures show the bottom put on. Now there should come a grilled duck out.

The result you'll see once I've "shot" a duck. I think obviously bought a duck. In the last two pictures shows a red wine marinated duck, which has been on the rotating grill for 2 hours and 30 minutes. The very reddish/brown color is due to the red wine and not a burnt duck.
Red wine marinated duck
Red wine marinated duck


Here I intend to write about how to smoke in different ball grill and Smoking Ovens

"Lunchbox Smoking Oven"

Madkasse røgeovn brugt på camping gas

This was a rainbow trout of 1.4 kg

In this kind of "Smoking Oven" you should only use beech crumbs Mix 20/40 with a particle size of 0.5 mm - 1.2 mm. A bag of 15 kg can be purchased for less than DKK 100.00 from KSV Hellested on Zealand. In Jylland at Danish Røgsmuld in Vejle.

I want to correct a misunderstanding that I have heard or read that some one do. Don't ignite smoke crumbs in lunchbox Smoking Oven with methylated spirits. Do not use wood dust from a sawmill that uses chainsaw. This chainsaw wood dust contains mineral oil which is toxic. Only use wood dust from hardwood trees. There is one exception and that is the juniper wood dust. It is used as a spice. Add approx. 10% to the mix and you get an excellent taste.

If you want to experiment with "smoke spice" you can mix juniper, rosemary, paprika and crushed pine cones. Mix those four things in 1:1 ratio and apply the mixture with beech wood dust in the ratio 10% and 90% beech wood dust. I have only tried this with eels in my great Smoking Oven. The world's best eel.

A good tips: If the valve is not open in the beginning, water vapor will condense on the lid and trickle down to the fish, so this is stained black. It is not toxic in small quantities, does not taste good and don't look appetizing. Is the valve in lunchbox not designed properly, it will always occur. You can put aluminium foil over the fish so that you avoid this debacle. But avoid any problem by venting.

Make even your own spice mixtures, but remember only use pure products.
Lunchbox Smoking Oven, Box Smoking Oven, ABU Smoking Oven or "Casper Røghat" dear child has many names. Common to all these small enclosed Smoking Ovens is that they are pressure cooker and add the fish with a smoked flavor. It's alright, you have to remember where using these small Smoking Ovens. For your fishing, when you want to eat a fish caught in the wild..

You do the following: Clean the fish thoroughly for slime and scale, cut head and tail of so the fish may lie in Smoking Oven. Is it a big fish, one can usefully fillet the fish first, but keep the skin on. The fish is salted exterior and interior and air-dried for min. 30 minutes in air current, but not in the sun. Keep the flies away. A layer of 5 to 10 mm wood dust placed at the bottom of lunchbox and fish placed on the grid with skin side down. Is there a drip tray, use it. The lid is in place with an opening of 10 mm, or the lid is put on with clips as shown in this picture. Valve must remain open.

Turn on the gas or the included methylated spirits boiler, put over the lunchbox for 10 minutes with an open valve so that steam can escape. Switch off now and wait 10 minutes before being switched on again, but now with the closed valve. After 10 minutes should smaller fish be prepared, now switch off the gas but wait like 10 minutes before the fish is taken out. Smoking at those 10 minute intervals, you get a better result. Please try your way with the times and intervals.

When you do this first time, then observe whether the fish has been done too much or too little. Or is all smoke crumbs used? Remember there will almost be unused smoke crumbs in the 4 corners. Next time you can adjust the time and amount of smoke crumbs when you create a new meal. Note: There are significant differences in thermal evolution between gas and methylated spirits. Those times are on my camping gas, which has a higher heat than a methylated spirits boiler. Try this recipe for Smoked cod roe.

I have to come here with a warning to the two methylated spirits boiler: Place them on a non combustible surface. Never add methylated spirits to the container when it is hot, or already in flames. Fill not completely. It should not be able to see the methylated spirits over the material in the container. As this occurs, one can hardly extinguish the flames with a lid. Should the accident be out, extinguished the flames with sand or a fire blanket. NEVER WATER.

And do not forget: NEVER bring a grill/smoking oven inside, but leave it in the garden.


Ordinary ball grill as "Smoking Oven"

Most people have probably got a regular, cheap ball grill for the garden, and have now replaced it with one of the big, expensive luxury gasgrill. If you have the old ball grill standing in the shed and do not know what to do with it, so here is a good proposal.

If you do not want a smoke flavour added your meat when you use the new gasgrill, you obviously do not use it as Smoking Oven. You can use the old ball grill as Smoking Oven. Fire up as usual, either directly or indirectly. When the ball grill is appropriate warm approx. 175 °C presented the fish or meat on the grid and two handful moistened beech wood dust sprinkled on the coal in each side. Four in total. The lid is placed on the ball grill again and fish and meat are "Smoke roasted." The time depends if it is fish or meat and the size of the meal and the temperature that you can keep inside the ball grill. The thermometer showed helps greatly. A digital thermometer can also be used. Plug the sensor into the thick part of the fish or meat and pull the warm protected cord out of the ball grill away from the hot coal. When the temperature is between 55 °C and 80 °C, fish or meat is finished done. See table above.

The size of beech wood dust is not as important in a ball grill, but all that is mentioned above, is crucial for success. Do you have a spice garden, you can pick herbs and put them on coal and get a nice taste of the fish or meat. Remember just that the beech wood dust must be moistened with water so as not to flame up right away. Press the water out by hand before the beech wood dust is sprinkled on the coal. The rainbow trout in the lower picture on the right has been given 20 minutes at 80 °C.

A grill motor can be advantageously used for a chicken and a lamb leg.
Smoked leg of lamb
in ball grill
Grill-Ring for the motor
and smoked rainbow trout


Common ball grill with built in heat source

Common ball grill with built in heat source

I have often seen heaters in shops for lighting the charcoal and grill briquettes. But prices varied between DKK 200 and DKK 500, which I thought was too expensive, and perhaps also an inefficient way to light up.

When I here in the winter passed a box with cheap stuff to DKK 20 in our Daily Brugs, I found just a heating element at 500 W. Now, would it be tested. 20 kr could probably go to throw out if it failed. The old grill would again be a trial for the idea. I took the grinder and cut two notches in the grill edge at 2 cm depth. Note the location. Barbecue grid were also cut some of the ring away, so a "leg" of the grid could go in between the heater and down in place.

A layer of briquettes was placed on the bottom grate. The heating element was placed on top and again some layer briquettes was placed on the heater. I turned the power on and after 35 minutes the temperature was as high as 200 °C. It was one surprise. There was no smoke from the grill and I had to see if the briquettes were ligted. Almost all briquettes were white, and it was now time to grill the pork tenderloin, which we should have for dinner. It is only recommended - it's easy - cheap - and no smoke.


Cast iron pot used as a smoker

The idea of the old cast iron pot used as a smoker re-appeared after I found it in the "fish house". In fact it is the one that I used to experiment with my hot box to the new temperature controller. The pot is 13 cm high and has an internal diameter of 32 cm and the rack in which the fish is located, is an old splash lid of wire mesh type of 30 cm, where the handle is sawn off. The cover is an old aluminum lid machined for a thermometer, temperature sensor LM35DZ and an NTC resistor. In addition, drill 3 pcs. ø 10 mm holes for secondary air supply. The 3 holes and a thermometer are minimum requirements.

The cast iton pot was filled with half a liter (130 g) beech wood, splash lid put in and turned up to max heat. After 10 minutes, began smoke and the herring was put in. After some time the temperature began to rise to 80 °C and I turned down the heat so I could keep a constant temperature of 70 °C. After 1 hour the herring was well done.

It is my intention to use this cast iron pot for smoking cod roe when the fishing season for cod comes. So watch this website when the first cod roe have been smoked.

Note: Remember use only the cast iron pot outdoors because I have no idea whether sawdust emits carbon monoxide like charcoal does.
Cast iron pot used as a smoker
The picture is from my outdoor kitchen


Vertical smoke oven in stainless steel
One of the many smoke ovens from Peetz

Vertical smoke oven in stainless steel

My fishing buddy Dan bought himself a Peetz smoker and has asked me helping with the first smoking of herring, which he caught in Øresund here in October. The herring was salted and dried as directed. Sawdust tray was filled with fine sawdust and the setting of electric controller was set on 5 (max). After a short time it was all in flames (sawdust). The heating element was red hot. After a brief pause, I decided to switch the sawdust out with the type that I use myself (coarser type). As soon as there was a good amount of smoke the electric regulator was set at 2 and the temperature in the smoker kept between 70 °C and 80 °C. Unfortunately, sawdust tray is too small to do the smoking in more than 1 hour, so we had to empty the tray and refill it. However, it is possible to make a new, larger tray so you can get up to 2 to 3 hours of smoking.

The herring were smoked for 1 hour with the use of electricity. The next hour the smoker was running without electricity and the temperature could remain at 65 °C. After 2 ½ hours the herrings were ready for a meal "Sun over Gudhjem" . The herrings did not opened enough in the belly, but it is probably due to the initial problems we had with switching sawdust. The temperature should be 90 °C the first 15 minutes, then the belly will open up and there will be more smoke flavor into the fish.

But all in all, I think it's a solid and workable smoker that you can get great pleasure from. However, the smoking tray is too small. You can find the German company here Peetz oHG. They have many types, but that one Dan purchased is Peetz 530 Art. No 530015. The manufacturer stated that the smoker can hot smoke and cold smoke. Up to 27 fish vertical or horizontal placement. 12 eels can be hung vertically. The smoker can be heated with charcoal in the enclosed tray (Glutkasten), or electricity (Heater 2300W) or gas (Gas burner 4200W), it is optional.

The manufacturer has on its website a manual, but it is in German so here is a translation into Danish and English.

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