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  • My defective Shimano fishing reels
    My defective Shimano fishing reels
    You start as a child and end up as an adult fisherman
    You start as a child and end up as an adult fisherman
    It begins as a child and ends up as an adult. Once you're bitten by a "mad fish", keep it for life.

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    Mine defekte Shimano fiskehjul
    Mine defekte Shimano fiskehjul

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    Karup Creek

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    Danish version

    Jørgen Walter with a 6 kg sea trout
    Walter with a 6 kg sea trout
    It was on one of our annual fishing trips in FLS Sportsfiskerforening where there really was catches. It is myself, who went "bananas" with a nice sea trout in "spawning suit" at 6.0 kg caught in zone 4 downstream of Hagebro by "22 The Apple Tree" on October 6, 2001. It was caught at 11:30 in fully sunshine on a blank Droppen 3 Spinner with black dots. It was actually the time when we discovered that small lively Spinner really turn on the fish and where it all started, we made these Spinner ourselves. The trout was in good condition and gave the match to its limit, so I had to go into the water to land the fish. I was alone at the time and fishing without catching nets. My good friend and fishing buddy Bent had run "home" to warm the red wine and cover up for lunch.

    The pictures to the right are from spring 1991, when my son Flemming and I was in Karup Creek for test fishing before, we were fishing with KSF in the autumn. This tour can be found under "Club News" Køge Sportsfiskerforening. As far as I remember, all trout caught on worm. All met the minimum size of course, but perhaps one or another should have been released because there were some fish that has "spawned" among them.

    Fishing license for Karup Creek may be purchased here.
    Here wins my son Flemming with three trout
    Flemming with three trout

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    Køge Creek

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    Danish version

    No picture of the catch, but a picture of a good stream in Køge Creek, where I often catch brown trout or in season sea trout. Sea trout are usually released, since most are caught in the spring, and are therefore "spawned trout".

    The section is upstream of the old railway bridge in Køge Ås and the section is fly water. You must be a member of KØGE SPORTSFISKERFORENING to fish on this section. You can obtain more information regarding membership from Treasurer Dennis Petersen. You can also join the Association at the web address.

    1. Image a good fishing water in Køge Creek
2. Image of deer in the back garden
    Image a good fishing water in Køge Creek
    Image of deer in the back garden
    Regulations of KSF click here

    I may have been a hunter for several years back, but now I do not bother to shoot my four deer, which go in my backyard. You must not do that either. They have lived for several years in a small fence between two fields, which is adjacent to my plot. Every morning and evening they come out into the field to eat grass, with which the field lies in the winter.

    It started with a couple who got two kids two years ago and this family is still together. I think it must be two females, because otherwise the male would probably chase another male away when he grew up. It will be exciting to see how many new ones there will be in May / June 2006. When the hunting season began in October, a fifth deer came from a nearby forest, but this was not accepted and has now run back to the forest.

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    Tryggevælde Creek

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    Danish version

    If you walk the stretch from Prambroen to the lock, you will find some good standing places for both trout and perch. Try taking the spot at the high willow tree on the opposite side. In the curve just before the lock, there is a large stone, and often there is also a trout, if there have not been too many on the spot before you. See map here: Map No. 1

    Another good place is upstream "Prambroen" in the first curve right after the big willow tree that hangs beyond the creek. Here are often trout, perch and pike, depending on season.

    The lock at Tryggevælde Creek
    In May 2013, the entire forest area at Odden was cut down - read defaced. Now there is no more shelter from the west wind at the lock

    Other good section are upstream Varpelev road bridge (members only). January, 22. 2002, I had a trout of 8 kg. The fish was in good condition, but it was a female, who had been up to spawn, and the whole tail piece was worn by the gravel and stone, so it was released. Hope to see it again in the autumn.

    Wednesday March, 13. 2002 I was again in "Trygge" and I caught a male sea trout of 6 kg and 84 cm. This is the tenth big sea trout that I caught this year. However, only kept two because of bleeding from the gills.

    There has never been so many trout in "Trygge", which is in this year. But on the other hand, there is "no" perch. I personally believe it has something to do with the trout taking over the perch spawning grounds. So in the future Tryggevælde Creek will being known for a "Sea trout Creek" instead of a "Perch Creek".

    A correction for "no" perch: It has been caught perch, but almost exclusively on live fjord shrimp.

    All trout caught at home made Spinner from Webmaster. The Spinner is really efficient and inexpensive, costing around 15 kroner per peach. I use the type "Out-line" size 3, in the colors: Fluo Orange Fluo Yellow, Green, pearl and Glow in Dark. Remember just the tool: Wire Stik to 200.00 kr. Price depends on the number of spin and U.S. dollar exchange rate.

    Fishing license to "Trygge" you can buy here. See also Catch Reports.

    Trout caught at Prambroen
    Trout caught at Prambroen
    Saturday February, 1. 2002 was a colleague and I in "Trygge" to try our fishing luck. We started at 10:00 o'clock downstream "Prambroen" and came to the curve before the lock just after 11:00 o'clock. My fish colleague had thrown a couple of times in addition to the aforementioned rock, bang, and then sat on the hook a big "krabat". It was a big male sea trout at 5.5 kg and 82 cm. unfortunately a "spawned out fish" so it was released. Conditioning Factor 1.00, not bad indeed.

    After having consumed coffee and Danish pastry on the bench at "Prambroen", we should just try a few cast before we went home. So we decided the curve upstream "Prambroen" by willow tree. Some cast upstream, only the bottom chop because of the strong flow in the water, so I pointed my cast downstream incline towards the opposite cliff. And THEN, there was chopping. A female trout in the nice position of 5 kg and 79 cm. That must be the "fish lift". They swim in and out of the creek this spring. Conditioning Factor 1.01, not bad indeed.

    However, it is absolutely fantastic with "Trygge" this year. On March 20, 2002, I was back in the creek to try my luck at my usual "hot spots". The first cast yielded a small glossy sea trout of 1.6 kg and 53 cm. A few throws later, a crab of 3.5 kg and 70 cm knocked into my spinner and took three flights up in the air before I got the rod tip into the water. I saw the fish in strong backlight, and it shone brightly in the sun. Only the line holds, because the fish was shiny and full of good, strong forces. The trout was a female employed for roe. In order not to be a lie, I just finished with a sea trout of 2.65 kg and 64 cm. Condition factor: 1.07, 1.02 and 1.01.

    After taking a break in the year 2003 in "Trygge", I have resumed fishing, but unfortunately I could not be there on January 17, when Køge Sportsfiskerforening held a trout competition in Tryggevælde Creek. In one of the pictures above, Per Henriksen is seen with today's largest male sea trout of 6.75 kg caught at Prambroen in Tryggevælde Creek. So the season turns out to be good, it's just about getting to the creek with the fishing rod.
    Trout caught at the lock and Prambroen
    Trout caught at the lock and Prambroen

    Trygge creek filled with aquatic plants in summer 
and ice in winter at the Prambroen
    Aquatic plants upstream Prambroen in summer and ice in winter
    Fishing in Tryggevælde Creek in 2009 has been a disaster. I have several times gone in vain to the creek to find some water to fish in. The first time I was at the lock in early September, I saw that the flood booms at the Prambroen had been blown to one side, so all the aquatic plants had gathered by the locks. There was so much that one could almost walk on water.

    After it was repaired again, all aquatic plants collect now by Prambroen and fishing upstream bridge can not be done. See image to the left. Is that what Køge Sportsfiskerforening offers its members and anglers with one day license? Or perhaps I should say: Is that what the municipality offers Køge Sportsfiskerforening? I do not think I am getting value for my membership and therefore plans to announce me out of Køge Sportsfiskerforening in 2010.

    I think the Board should explain this problem with aquatic plants to the authorities in the municipality, so we again can get a good fishing water in Tryggevælde Creek.

    If you wait, it will probably be good again. Here's a report from my fishing buddy:

    I went for a walk in "Tryggen" a few days after the premiere 2017 - Friday the 20th of January. The weather was beautiful, the sun was shining from a cloudless sky and it was completely windless.

    Started fishing the "Swing" at the lock. After a few throws, I saw a shadow following my homemade spinner - Meps 2. At first thought it was a pike. Tossed again the same place all the way over to the edge on the opposite bank. Then came the chop. The adrenaline rose a few degrees and after a 10 minute period I got the beast ashore.

    A colored sea trout of 2.9 kg and 72 cm - condition factor 0.78. Incidentally tasted good even though it was a descendant. By the way, also had a lot of lice. It was probably an "elevator" fish. They are the ones that go up and down between sea and creek. Fishing continued upstream of the Prambroen, but it remained with one trout.

    Foto & Tekst: Dan
    Dan med en havørred på 2,9 kg og 72 cm
    Dan with a sea trout of 2.9 kg and 72 cm

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    Karlstrup Put & Take

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    Danish version

    Solrød Sport Fishing Club "Regnbuen" rents the fishing rights in this crystal clear Put and Take Lake from the the Danish Forest and Nature Agency. The lake is created by a factory having broken limestone in nearly 150 years. The last owner Aalborg Portland stopped digging limestone in 1975 and the lake was then well protected behind fence for some years.

    In 1979, Solrød Sport Fishing Club "Regnbuen" was founded, and so there began to be activities around the lake. Today, all can fish in the lake with a valid fishing permits, but take good care of nature because there are many wildlife in and around the lake. Visit the lake and take a brochure home and read more about the place, and particularly about the fossils found in the limestone layer.

    A platform is erected for wheelchair users at the southern end of the lake, where the car park at Silovej is the only parking option for members of "Regnbuen". A path connection down the slopes towards this platform is erected in the north end of Lake by Højagervej know where it is illegal to park for members of "Regnbuen". A somewhat cumbersome approach to the fishing grounds for disabled wheelchair user. One solution would be to eliminate the "red beam" by Højagervej and equip a parking space for disabled people.

    Fishing license can be purchased to the lake, but note the Generelle Regler for fishing in the lake, they differ much from other "ordinary" Put and Take lakes. Remember also to hand over fishing report in the green mailbox, located at the entrance to the stairs.

    Fishing license for Karlstrup Put & Take Lake may be purchased here.

    Erik and Carsten with their first trout
    Erik and Carsten with their first trout
    Club Championship 2002
    Sunday September, 1. Number of anglers who attended was small, less than 100 members. Today's catch was also a few fish, but of good quality.
    Today's catches were small
    The largest was 5.4 kg. Click on the images to come to the "Club News". But remember, it requires that you have obtained a username and password.
    I have been a member of the "Rainbow" for 10 years - from 1999 to 2009. In the beginning I think it was the best sport fishing association for several reasons: You always caught a good fish, had a nice fishing chat with other members, or if there was no one, one just walked around and enjoyed the lovely and clean nature. As time went on, the idyll also changed, it became necessary to have a parking guard on one's car on Silovej and even have a bodyguard by the lake. Some issues in 2009 caused me to quit the club. It can be read at:
    sn dk or on Lystfisker Forum, why others also resigned from the club.

    Garbage after bathers read p...
    Garbage after "Bathers" read p... And my car after a member with his "friend" with fishing license for a day left the lake before me

    On Thursday, March 26, 2009, I went for a walk to the lake at approx. 10 o'clock and started fishing in the northeast corner. I was the first on the spot and did not see any other fisherman by the lake. And yet! suddenly two fishermen came up to me - a member of the club and a daily fishing license fisherman. They stood on the east side close to me and started fishing towards my line. The club member fished with fly so there were no problems in this. The fisherman with daily fishing license fished with spinner or blink, so he crossed my line several times. I got angry, looked at him but said nothing to him. He headed south, caught a fish, perhaps with roe, and then went up the stairs. The time was maybe 12.00 because I went up to my car at 13.00 and found it smeared with trout roe. The black car that I parked next to on arrival was gone. On the ground where the car had stood, there was no roe, but around it the ground was filled with roe. Maybe we can find out who bought fishing license at the Q-8 tank this day? Shouldn't they be allowed to buy fishing license in the future? Of course I have several pictures of the car, but I will not show these here, because then the car can be recognized.

    There is not only clutter in our own ranks, but to the highest degree also with "Bathers". Wednesday the 24th of July 2019 I went to Karlstrup Kalkgrav at 11 o'clock to see how "My old fishing water" looked like. I have been a member for many years and mostly enjoyed fishing in the crystal clear lake. It was actually with a view to becoming a member again as I now have more time for some local fishing.

    As I said, I came to the parking lot at approx. 11 o'clock and what sight met me? I just got the last parking space facing Silovej. There must be good fishing, I thought. I took a water with me to the lake for a round trip to be done.

    Already up from the bank I could see splashing in the middle of the lake, but the new thing was that it was bathers with their bathing animals and air mattresses, not rainbow trout that jumped. I took a walk around the lake and felt relegated to Bellevue Beach on a high summer Sunday during the holiday season. I refrained from taking pictures of the bathers, but settled for all the cars in the parking lot.

    I have heard that several activity groups share the facilities around Karlstrup Kalkgrav, so I will try to come up with more info when I know something more. The limestone quarry originated in the 1840s, when lime was dug for the farmers' lands. Later for cement production, which was closed down in 1975. After this, the Forest and Nature Agency took over the area. Solrød Sportfisker Klub "REGNBUEN" was founded in 1979. For many years, the limestone quarry was fenced in with a high wooden fence because it was thought that it was dangerous terrain to walk in.

    Diving and triathlon (swimming) are allowed for clubs if notified in advance to the Forest and Nature Agency. In addition, the limestone quarry has become an excursion destination for all "bathing animals" in the area when the weather allows it.

    NEWSBAR: I have moved and have therefore got new fishing waters. I have signed up for VSF and will be fishing in Varde Creek, Grindsted Creek and Holme Creek. Maybe also Skjern Creek and Sneum Creek. Good luck!                

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    MS Havlit Øresund

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    Danish version

    Carsten caught a mackerel
Tina has a cod on the hook
    Here are the prizes for big fish
    Tina has a cod on the hook
    FLS Sportsfiskerforening sailed with the good ship MS "Tina" from Elsinore. The ship lay at Elsinore's North Harbor at the middle pier. There was room for 38 people, and the galley below deck was really good and warm in the winter cold. Skipper could serve almost anything if you just called in advance and ordered. Otherwise you could buy beer, water, coffee and sausages as well as gear if you were missing something. Oh yes! It was in the god old days. Now the ship has been sold and is called Lovise Moland and according to the latest information went bankrupt in the autumn of 2004. The ship has again got a new owner and is sailing again, but under a different concept.

    FLS Sportsfiskerforening now has a permanent agreement with the good ship MS HAVLIT and sailing now once a month with this ship from Helsingør. Are you a friend of "Heavens Bird" or related to a FLS'er try to make a trip when there is space. Try FLS Sportsfiskerforening website.
    Here are the prizes for big fish
    Here are the prizes for big fish

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    Varde Creek

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    Danish version

    My grandfather Rudolph Nielsen director of Varde Steel plant and co-founder of Varde Sportsfiskerforening in 1926 and my father Foundry Master Walter Nielsen at Varde Steel plant with "Varde Creek Laksen" from 1928. There is no official weight on the salmon, but it measured approx. 120 cm and was thick and fat. Another Varde Creek salmon from 1938, unfortunately no data on the salmon, but as you can see, the size of a 4-5 year old girl. Behind there is again a salmon from 1950, you see that they get smaller with time. And there were also fewer salmon as the pollution from Grindsted Chemical Factory progressed.

    I myself lived as a child 300 m from Varde Creek, and I remember from the time when the money was small, my father went to the creek for an hour and came home with dinner. That was also the time when farm workers on the farms along Varde Creek conditioned themselves not to get salmon more than three times a week. Later in the 50s and 60s, the creek was destroyed by the industry that was laid out along the creek. They discharged wastewater directly into the creek, so the fish smelled and tasted of carbol. Now the creek has been cleaned again and also put in the old sling, so that salmon and trout can be caught again.

    Note that the salmon is totally protected for three years from 2001 to 2003 to preserve the local tribe. But what good is this when Karlsgårde El. Work stops for the salmon's spawning grounds upstream of the plant. Many salmon and trout swim confused around in the creek at the plant, and die due to stress in the hot water. The lucky ones who find the salmon-ladder are again exposed to danger when they jump from chamber to chamber. They jump over the pool edge and end up on land, only to end up as mink feet or fox feet.

    See Henning's "Varde Creek Salmon" from 2000 by moving the cursor over the image. It's really nice. Henning caught his "Varde Creek salmon" on May 2, 2000. It was 16.4 kg and 121 cm, condition factor 0.93. It was caught with a spoon blink, it is said to be one of the cheap Korea spoon blink. Good that it lasted, because I have tried these spoon blink myself, and the spring rings can straighten out. A big congratulations you must have.

    To read more about Henning's catch and the big salmon in Varde Creek, I recommend that you enter the Danmarks Sportsfiskerforbund website and find No. 5 from 2000.

    Anno 2012: Above is written a lot about the miserable conditions Varde Creek has been exposed to for the last 50 years, but now it is moving strongly forward with the new initiatives that the creek has undergone. This is something the new generation of anglers can look forward to and I also hope to be able to catch a Varde Salmon in the caliber that my parents and grandparents got on the hook.

    Fishing license to Varde Creek you can buy here. Keep up with the catch report for 2011 in Varde Creek. The weather at Varde Creek

    1. Image my father and grandfather with the salmon from 1928
2. Image Henning with salmon from 2000
    My father and grandfather with the salmon from 1928
    Henning with salmon from 2000
    1. Image my childhood home near Varde Creek 1960
2. Image my childhood home near Varde Creek 2010
    My childhood home near Varde Creek
    Street view 55°37'40.32"N 8°29'34.59"Ø
    My father with two salmon from 1938 and 1950
    My father with a salmon from 1938
    My father with a salmon from 1950


    Anno 2016: Here comes a fishing report from 2016 with two good fishing buddies from my hometown Varde. I met Bumle and Brem several years ago at Langå Camping, where we fished in Gudenåen. It turned out that we had common ancestry in Varde, and ever since we have met in Varde for the premiere in Varde Creek.

    It is not because we have emptied the Creek for fish, for the only thing we have caught so far are a few sea trout and some pike. Maybe a grayling that I lost last year - 2015. I hope we can keep the tradition alive, because we have a lot of fun by the Creek - the bonfire and the hot soup. Bumble and Brem I will be back next year.


    Bumle and Brem look at a suitable bonfire site
    Bumle turns on the fire to his homemade soup

    Bumble tests the soup, if it's hot enough
    No, we need to get a lit on here, Staniol

    Varde creek downstream the Shelter, where we ate the soup
    Brems sea trout 47 cm, 1250 g, condifactor 1.205


    Anno 2017: In 2017, I returned to Varde Creek and my 2 fishing buddies, but that was in September, when both salmon and trout are found in large numbers. The salmon quota was exhausted while I was there, so two days later I caught a nice salmon of 70 cm. Salmon to be released must not be weighed and you (preferably) do not see that you take pictures of them, as they must be released back into the creek immediately. It was a male salmon (with hook) and in beginning play suit. A 70 cm salmon weighs 3,500 kg according to Fulton's formula, which gives a condition factor of 1.0.

    Anno 2021: As mentioned above, I was born in Varde, and in 2021 I moved back to Varde and started fishing in Varde Creek and in the surrounding waters seriously. Therefore, Varde Creek has got its own page under "Club New" and "Varde Creek". The page requires "Username" and "Password". You can get it here.

    NEWSBAR: On 13 September 2021, VSF announced that two fish farms at Varde Creek had been affected by the fish disease IHN. This has the effect on the fishing in Varde Creek that all anglers must disinfect their gear before fishing in the creek. Good luck! Latest news for 2022: The ban has been lifted, so there is no need to disinfect your gear.

    Virkon © - S disinfectant
    Virkon © - S disinfectant
    and Spray bottle from jem & fix
    Virkon© S Tablets is active against: Viruses, Bacteria and Fungi
    Use 1 pc, Virkon© - S tablet in 500 mL water. It gives a 1% solution. Wait to use the product until the tablet is completely dissolved in the water. Spray all surfaces with the product. Let the solution work for 10 minutes and then rinse with cold water. The solution should be used within 5 days.

    Avoid exposing the solution and tablets to sunlight. Store the tablets cold with a lid below 25 °C and dry below 45% humidity. DO NOT pour the solution and tablets into streams. Rinse hands if you have had prolonged contact with the product.

    The can contains a bag of desiccant, which must remain in the can. The tablets give the water a pink color, which indicates that the solution is intact. The color disappears with time and it indicates that the solution has become ineffective - after 7 days. If the can is stored correctly, the shelf life is: See the date on the can. On mine stood July 2022 i.e. one year at least.

    1 can with 50 x 5g tablets DKK 286.25 incl. VAT and shipping to the door at VikingDanmark.

    Website: VikingDanmark        e-mail: VikingDanmark        Data Sheet: Data sheet in PDF format.

    Text & Photo: Jørgen Walter

    Opening of Holme Creek

    Opening of Holme Creek

    Text & Photo: Jørgen Walter
    Opening of Holme Creek on Tuesday 12 October 2021
    Short history of Holme Creek through 100 years. Holme Creek has supplied water to Karlsgårde Power Plant for 100 years by digging a 7 km long and straight canal to Elværket near Hostrup. In this connection, Karlsgårde Lake arose, which formed a buffer of water for the Power Plant. Now the power plant has been closed down and transformed into a museum. Varde municipality, Nordlys and a number of foundations have supported the project of digging the 12 km old Holme Creek up to the original width of 5 meters. Holme Creek flows into Varde Creek 250 meters upstream of the Karlsgårdevejs bridge and downstream of the old sand trap.

    The top picture on TV shows Holme Creek at Hostrup Stemmeværk before it was dug through. The bottom picture shows the grave cow in the background, who is in the process of taking the last "SPADES" so that the water can run freely, as is now seen in the picture.

    We anglers in VSF are now eagerly waiting to start fishing in Holme Åen; when and where fishing is allowed will be extremely interesting to clarify.

    With the restoration of Holme Creek, a good outdoor life must be established with hiking trails, picnic areas, shelters for hikers, cyclists, canoeists and anglers. Probably also spawning grounds for salmon and sea trout. More info can be found on the website: Holme Creek Projects.

    Do not forget the Snæbel - Houting (Coregonus oxyrhynchusder) who has a large part of the credit for the entire Varde Creek and Holme Creek project. A totally protected (red-listed) and almost extinct salmonid, which lives only in a few west-facing streams that run into the Vadehavet. A close relative is the Helt - Common Whitefish (Coregonus laveratus), who is a good eating fish and smoked, it is as good as smoked salmon.

    Info: The Houting is a salmonid that is closely related to the Common Whitefish, but is easily recognizable from the Common Whitefish due to its pointed snout.

    Panoramic view of Varde Creek in the summer of 2022
    Panoramic view of Varde Creek in the summer of 2022

    Panoramic view of Varde Creek by Brunebanke 2022
    Panoramic view of the confluence Varde Creek at "Stemmeværkspladsen" 2022

    Brunebanke is a very popular fishing spot in Varde Creek. Upstream the forest there are many good places, but there are steep slopes, so for me it is better to fish downstream. Here I also caught the salmon in 2021 - the small salmon for the big one I lost when it went into the vegetation. The photo was taken in 2022 at the beginning of the fishing season on a windless and sunny day. The day did not yield large salmon, however, but we will return when the smaller salmon come up the river, because now on 2 May, the quota for large salmon has been exhausted.

    "Stemmeværkspladsen" Varde Creek by Ansager is a scenic area used by hikers and of course by fishermen. The name of the place comes from the fact that the water was elevated and led into a 10 km dug canal to Karlsgårdeværket, which could then produce electricity. Fortunately, it was decided to close the plant and use the water for a better purpose - namely nature restoration purposes. In connection with the nature creation of Varde Creek, the plant was closed in 2011, so that the two endangered salmon species - the houting and the Vardesalmon - could be saved. The houting is totally protected, but you can fish for the salmon on a quota basis.

    Varde Sportsfishing Association has held a general meeting for 2022 on 23 March 2023. The chairman has given this very comprehensive report, and I am looking forward to starting fishing again on 16 April 2023. VSF - Chairman's report.

    Panoramic view of Holme Å April 2023
    Panoramic view of Holme Å April 2023

    Panoramic view of Holme Å April 2023

    Here Holme Å can be seen two years after it was re-flooded and water was let into the brook again. It is clear that we must give a preliminary attempt to catch a "fish" here in 2023. The lower part of Holme Å belongs to Zone 1 and is salmon water B. The rules for Varde Creek's Zones and salmon water A and B can be found at Varde Sportsfiskerforening

    Panoramic view of Hodde Sø April 2023 - Now in 2024, a "Salmon War" has broken out on this fishing stretch
    Panoramic view of Varde Creek at Hodde Sø April 2023

    Panoramic view of Varde Creek at Hodde Sø April 2023

    My fishing buddy Bent and I usually take a trip to the stream every year before the fishing season starts to look for good fishing spots and not least to inform ourselves about water in the meadows.

    This year we were in 6 different places - from the new section at Varde Sommerland to Hessel Bro. We finished at Hodde Sø with our packed lunch, where we met the owner of the Orkla salmon that hangs in the "Shelteren". We had a chat with the member who was from GSF about the future of Hodde Sø. The farm has been put up for sale and some land has been sold off and set aside for forest. Different types of trees are planted on the piece: spruce, pine and beech, so I think it must be a forest. There was also a real estate agent and a land surveyor recently on the site, you can see that from the new stakes that have been put in the ground.

    Therefore, my question is: What will happen to our fishing rights on Hodde in the future? Will the chairman of VSF & GSF give an answer to this - if they can.

    I have asked this question to the two Chairmen of VSF & GSF and I have received the following answers. Thanks for the good answer Steen.
    "Shelter" at Hodde Sø April 2023

    "Shelter" at Hodde Sø. In fairness, I should mention that it is not a
    shelter for the night, but only a shelter for the rain. But there
    is a table with a bench, so the lunch box can be eaten here
    sheltered from the rain.
    Here is the response from the VSF Chairman:

    VSF and GSF have spoken to the new lot owner at "Hodde Sø", which is the place that appears in your photo. The new lot owner, who bought "Hodde Sø" in 2022, agrees that he is covered by the lease agreement VSF/GSF concluded with the previous owner via our agreement with Hodde Lodsejerforening - the agreement runs until and including 2023.

    Later this year, we will negotiate a new lease agreement with the Hodde Lot Owners' Association - and if we hopefully succeed in reaching an agreement, the new lot owner has promised us that we can continue to rent the "Hodde Sø" section on the same terms as in decrease will apply to other plot owners in the Hodde Plot Owners' Association going forward.

    Steen Thomsen
    Chairman of the Varde Sports Fishing Association

    I have previously made catch statistics of salmon and trout with a view to size, weight and condition factor. I also started that in 2023, but didn't get very far because the quota of 51 salmon over 73 cm was used up in just 3 days. Here you can see the result for the 1st Quota on the right.

    When I calculate the condition factor for salmon, I use the same formula as for sea trout - namely Fulton's formula. Fulton works with values between 1.00 and 1.20 for rising trout. Over 10 years or more, I have seen that for rising salmon you find typical values between 0.900 and 1.050. Here are figures for the Varde Creek salmon 2023 1st Quota.

    Number of condition factor
    1.137 Greatest condition factor
    0.975 Medium condition factor
    0.814 Minimum condition factor

    I would like to make an appeal to the "Captors" to introduce the weight of the salmon, now that you have made the effort to catch it. 14 fishermen out of 51 have not indicated the weight - too bad - that's 27% who do not meet VSF and DSF rules regarding a correct catch record. Or is it VSF and DSF that need to put a * next to the field that must indicate a forced field. Sorry!

    Number for length
    121 Greatest length in cm
    94 Average length in cm
    78 Minimum length in cm

    Speak for weight
    17 Maximum weight in kg
    8.2 Average weight in kg
    5 Minimum weight in kg

    Skjern Å Laksen from 1954: 136 cm - 26.5 kg - condition factor 1.053
    Skjern Å Laksen from 2012: 121 cm - 20.4 kg - condition factor 1.152
    Omme Å Salmon from 2023: 130 cm - 21 kg - condition factor 0.956
    It is the 16th of April 2023 and the starting shot has gone for salmon fishing in Varde Creek.
    Top: Mads with a 10 kg salmon - 103 cm and condition factor 0.915. Bottom: Lars with a 12.9 kg salmon - 110 cm and condition factor 0.969

    Top: Mads with a 10 kg salmon - 103 cm and condition factor 0.915
    Bottom: Lars with a 12.9 kg salmon - 110 cm and condition factor 0.969
    Only salmon taken home for quota 1:

    51 Home-taught salmon
    418 Total weight kg
    94 Average length in cm
    8.2 Average weight in kg
    0.975 Medium condition factor

    Catching places:
    14 Zone 1 - Varde Creek (Salmon River A)
    32 Zone 2 - Varde Creek (Salmon River A)
    5 Zone 4 - Grindsted Å, Mølby-Eg Salmon water A)

    Fatfin clip:
    Yes 18
    No 33

    Right of access:
    33 Varde Sports Fishing Association
    2 Grindsted Sports Fishing Association
    6 Lot owner
    8 Nørholm Fishing Consortium
    1 Hessel, Hodde, Hulvig Angling Association
    1 day pass

    The quota used in 3 days:
    1st day 37
    2nd day 10
    3rd day 4
    A total of 51

    Today was the first day of rain, lightning and thunder after several weeks of drought. I had seen on the weather forecast that there would be a stay after 11:00, so I left and waited in the Hodde shed until the rain stopped.

    I really like fishing here because I can park close to the stream and you can take shelter in the shed if you are surprised by storms. You also have a good place with a table and bench to eat your lunch at.

    I had just started fishing downstream of the bench after the storm had stopped when I got a good bite close to my bank. It was clearly a sea trout as it behaved in the water. It could also be seen when it came to the surface, a small "thick plug". I measured and weighed it on the spot, as I had decided to keep the first sea trout I caught - over the target, of course. 58 cm and 2.2 kg said my digital scale.

    When I got home, I then calculated the condition factor to be 1,128. It immediately occurred to me that something was wrong, because such a fat sea trout must have a condition factor of at least 1.20. The sea trout was then weighed on our kitchen scale to 2,350 kg and then it makes sense, namely a condition factor of 1,204.

    After changing the battery on my digital scale, it weighed correctly again. The picture was taken on the table by the shed when I was alone at the site. I await the next storm.

    Text & Photo: Jørgen Walter
    Here is my sea trout of 58 cm - 2.35 kg with a condition factor of 1,204
    Here is my sea trout of 58 cm - 2.35 kg with a condition factor of 1,204

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    Danish version

    Langå Camping Information Kiosk and grocery. Palmehaven with Grill place
    Langå Camping Information Kiosk and grocery
    Palmehaven with Grill place
    It's time to plan my summer fishing trip in August 2004. Since I have had great desires to come back to Jutland to fish and especially in the creek Gudenåen, the choice was very simple - camp at LANGÅ CAMPING. Camp manager Ervin has invited me on a 4 day fishing stay in one of the cabins on the campsite, and then write an article about fishing in the Gudenåen here on my website.

    LANGÅ CAMPING is a calm and cozy three-star family campsite, located in protected forest middle of an attractive natural area with good fishing opportunities. There are tent facilities and rental cottage next to Gudenå. The camp is open all year round, great playground, new toilets and kitchen facilities, and disability friendly. Kiosk leads all groceries and fishing gear.
    I can not yet show some catch results myself, but go to the LANGÅ CAMPING website and see the last years catch results. If you are interested, you can sign up for the "Newsletter about fishing" and Niels will send them to you regularly.

    I visited Langå Camping in week 35 and fished for three days on The campsite's fishing section but without success, so I can not show any pictures of my catch from Gudenåen. I can well recommend the place, the campsite is nice and well maintained, there is everything you need, you may just have to choose a different time for sea trout May - June and for salmon September - October.

    You can also read about Langå Sportsfiskerforening by visiting their website. Or have a look at the Giant Salmon at 21 kg.

    Fishing license for Gudenåen may be purchased here.
    Boat harbor and free fishing in Camping Langå for guests only
    Should I have speed boat license for my boat?
    Boat harbor and free fishing in Camping Langå for guests only

    Roast 80 kg of pork over a fire in a giant grill
    The rainproof and solid party tent for 130 people
    Every year for "Skt. Hans" a "Pig Party" is held with roast pork over a fire in a huge grill. The party committee sets up a huge tent with room for 130 people as well as the music and dance floor.

    This year (2016) we were about 120 participants and ate an 80 kg pig accompanied by over 10 different salad dishes. The tenant manager's own imported red wine could be bought in the tent at a very reasonable price. Good red wine for DKK 65.00 is not found in many places.

    In the middle of the dinner, the gates of heaven opened, storm broke loose with lightning and thunder as well as rain that stood down in "rods". Good thing we were in a tent that could withstand the rain from above. The lawn could not absorb all the water, so a canal was dug to divert the water away. Well! fisherman obviously has rubber boots so the problem was solved.

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    Danish version

    Jan with a brown trout to release.
Bert with a 1.2 kg brown trout
    Jan loosening the hook on a small brown trout.
    Bert was lucky to get one of 1.2 kg.
    The summer of 2005 is spent fishing in Jutland in some of the best Jutland "creeks". The camp manager Allan has invited me for a week's fishing stay in one of the cabins at Kongeå Camping og Kano and then write an article about fishing in Kongeåen here on my website.

    Kongeåen has its origins in Vamdrup and run for 50 km through the melt-water valley caused by the Ice Age and flow into the Wadden Sea south of Fanø. Part of the creek until 1920 formed the border with Germany. Kongeåen is one of the most beautiful creek routes in Denmark. The winding creek has clear water with luxuriant vegetation. And from ancient times - when I was a child - known as the best grayling waters in West Jutland. Unfortunately, it happened with Kongeåen, like so many other creeks, the creek was polluted by industry and agriculture. Thus disappeared grayling from Kongeåen.

    Grayling belongs to the salmon family, but is especially known for its long and high dorsal fin. It is a good eating fish, but must be cooked immediately after catching, as the meat quickly becomes bad. If it smells of thyme, it is extremely freshly caught. The population of Grayling has been restored after the authorities and the anglers' associations gained control of the pollution in the 80s.
    Finally came the day when we had to take off to Kongeåen Camping. It was the middle of May and the weather seems to be with us. The weather was not too hot or too cold, and almost without rain. Grayling season had just begun, so we expected to catch some of them. Since there was no fish "ringing" to the thousands of May flies who flew over the creek, we decided to test first with a small spinner fishing upstream. There were not many cast, before the first brown trout sat on the hook. But we realized quick that the fish was sitting loose on the hook and that most were under size. The two largest had to be taken because they could not be released, was 32 cm and 33 cm. The result was 20 lost and released brown trout, 4 pike between 40 cm and 50 cm and a small perch.

    Do you fancy a fishing trip after grayling and trout of course, you can visit this site Kongeå Camping og Kano and get more information about fishing. Here, you can also find accommodation in cottages, in a now good and renovated camping place.

    Fishing license for Kongeåen may be purchased here.
    Kongeå Camping Outdoor Barbecue and smoking space
    Jan in the first curve upstream the camping place.
    Community barbecue and smoke room.

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    Coastal and deep sea fishing in Denmark

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    Danish version

    This box will contain images with text from coast tours and deep sea fishing in Denmark, with good catches.

    6 kg silvery sea trout from Køge Bay
    6 kg silvery sea trout from Køge Bay
    Catch site available here
    This beautiful, shiny sea trout at 6.00 kg and 79 cm were caught on May, 8. 1994 in Køge Bugt at Strøby Ladeplads. It was one of the real good warm May evenings when I really took off after garfish with light gear and no fishing nets. After a few cast out of 70 meters my lure was taken when it hit the water, and I naturally thought I hit a shoal of garfish on breeding-ground. But no! after a back stroke took a certain "Master" by the trout, and pulled at least 100 meters line of the fishing reels. Well I had 240 meters 0.24 line on my Shimano fishing reels, and the brake was properly set.

    My very long fight with the fish attracted the other angler on the spot. He came with a fishing net and helped me getting the fish on land. An incredibly beautiful fish with a conditioning factor of 1.20. Hooked at 20.10 ashore at 21.00 photographed at 22.00.
    Blank seatrout 46 cm and 1 kg from Køge Bugt
    Blank seatrout 46 cm and 1 kg from Køge Bugt
    Catch site available here
    It is May, 3. 2007, and the fishing place is Køge Bay. This is the time when the garfish arrives in the Bay. So it was garfish I went for. The first fish I got on the hook was a little trout of 30 cm. Over the next several cast, I felt more smaller chop on my lure. It appeared that there were put out smolt in Køge Bay and this smolt went for my lure. I switched fishing ground and then got a nice garfish. It got my fishing buddy with him home. Finally came the chop and I felt an obvious trout behavior in the water. The fish was not large, with 1 kg and 46 cm with a conditioning factor of 1.03, should be a good eating fish. After a few cast, I got a trout on the hook again. When I was going to net the fish, it happened, which may not happen. The hook put themselves in the fishing nets before the fish were inboard. It was given its freedom again. The size was perhaps a little over 50 cm as trout showed at the picture to the left.

    Roskilde Fjord between Eskilsø and Østskov
    Roskilde Fjord between Eskilsø and Østskov
    A good garfish water in May is Roskilde Fjord between Eskilsø and Østskov. May 15. 2008, I took a trip to the fjord to try if the luck was with me. There were plenty of garfish out on the southern point of the isthmus, which appears to the left of the picture. Unfortunately they were not very big, but 10 garfish fillets were more than enough for 4 people. You may be lucky to catch a trout here if you come in April or early May. I have even tried to get two trout on the hook a few years ago. The picture is taken from the shore road for cable ferry to Eskilsø against Østskov.

    Deep sea fishing on the Yellow Reef with M/S Bonito

    June 1. 2009, 10 stalwart fishermen took on the Yellow Reef with M/S Bonito to try the luck with the big fish. The weather was with us, quiet and calm winds, high sun and the day before each fisherman had taken more than 100 kg of fish.

    Here ends the good fishing story. All but one got fish, the nine others got between 4 and 8 good cod from 4 to 5 kg. I was the lucky winner of a ling of 8 kg and a smaller ling of 4 kg and a few small cod. We fished over wrecks, so the fish should be there, and many of us lost more lures on the bottom. Well! but a good trip it was, and it must of course be repeated next year.

    New supplies flow regularly
    New supplies flow regularly
    John with a ling of 8 kg
    John with a ling of 8 kg

    Text & Photo: John

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    Henne Mill Creek

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    Danish version

    1. Image upstream bridge requires fish license.
2. Image downstream bridge free fishing
    Upstream bridge requires fish license
    Downstream bridge free fishing

    Fishing license to Henne Mill Creek can be purchased here.
    There are probably not many who know Henne Mill Creek or see it for a good fishing water. Nevertheless, there are fish in the creek. I would of course try the creek again after 40 years absence. As a child I fished in the creek and the lake - Filsø - as the creek drains. There are two areas on the creek piece, the part which goes upstream the footbridge, here you must have fishing license, since it belongs to landowners. Downstream the footbridge is open to the public and does not require fishing license. Only the mandatory danish fishing license you must have.

    Henne Mill Creek leading to the sea just south of Henne Strand and you can drive by car directly to the footbridge and park at Henne Mill Creek Seaside Resort. I used again the Danish Spinner and the first fish I caught was a pike. Then I got 4 smolt and 6 small perch. All fish were of course released. Coming in the period May - July and fishing with worms, you can catch flatfish in large quantities as they go up the creek at this time. Early spring you can be lucky to catch a "small blank trout" also called a "Greenlanders".

    I went back to Henne Mill Creek again in 2012 to try fishing. In the first throw I got a good "hug" and it turned out to be a "small" silvery trout of 35 cm. It was quickly taken of the hook in the water. I used the homemade spinner, but this time I had put hooks without barbs on. Why? Yes! I would fish in Varde Creek, 16. april 2012, and there are new fishing rules in 2012, and I wanted to test my spinner - The Danish Spinner - before the premiere. I went fishing a few hours without a single "hug" - not even from the small smolt, which otherwise tend to "hug" to everything. Just before I would drive home, I got a very strong "hug" and a trout jumped out of the water and landed in the creek about 4 meter away from me without the spinner in the mouth. I estimated the fish to be 50 cm. There are trout in Henne Mill Creek, but keep tight line when fishing with hooks without barbs.

    Henne Put & Take at Henne Stationsby

    Henne Put & Take at Henne Stationsby
    When you are at Henne Strand and do not catch anything in Henne Mølle Creek, you should visit the lovely - but small Put & Take lake - at Henne Stationsby. There are beautiful surroundings and always shelter for the west wind. The new owner always puts out good fish and it is rare with a 0 day.

    In 2019 I was again at Henne Strand and caught nothing in Henne Mølle Creek nor in Varde Creek, so therefore I took a trip to Søvig Fiskesø, which is now renamed Henne Put & Take after the new owner has taken over the lake. Please note that the lake has received bad criticism before 2018, but the new owner has made every effort to correct this. When I arrived, there was just put rainbow trout from 3 kg to 6 kg in the lake and you could see several rainbow trout in the shallows, which was still a little "dizzy" after a tour in fish car.

    In my experience, these trout do not bite the hook, so I went to the opposite end of the lake. After a few throws I got a huge rush in the rod and I had to fight for several minutes with my 7 foot spinning rod. It was a 6.5 kg rainbow, it could just be in the hotel's deep freezer.

    After fifteen minutes I got a huge rush again, but just before I was going to net the fish, he jumped out of the water, releasing the hook. Well! there was also no more space in the hotel's deep freezer.

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    Herring Festival in Hvide Sande port

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    Danish version

    Usually comes every year in late April

    It is here in the port of Hvide Sande, Herring Festival is held the last week-end of April. In 2017, unfortunately I can not attend, having come a week before, to attend the premiere in Varde River on 16 April. I might take a trip to Hvide Sande to fish herring before the festival. In this case, I make a report and fresh images of the fishery.

    I've obviously been to herring festival before, where I took a lot of pictures of the event, but it turned out that my digital camera was broken. I discovered it only when I got home and had to up-load pictures to my PC. All 200 pictures were so overexposed that they could not be used.

    The fishing takes place naturally in locks canal to Ringkøbing Fjord and not inside the fishing port. Click on the local site and read more about the event:

    In 2022, the herring festival will be held from Friday 29 April to Sunday 1 May. This is the first time after 2 years of shutdown due to corona. We must expect a huge herring party with the event that has been set up.

    Herring Festival       Sign up here
    Fishing port of Hvide Sande
    Fishing port of Hvide Sande

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    The ultimate decision for fishing in 2021 and onwards will be Varde Creek. We move to Varde - Henne, and I join Varde Sportsfiskerforening.                              

    View towards south from the Nordsø Klit
    View towards south from the Nordsø Klit at Henne Strand

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    Denmark Dansk version

    To top

    Here are links to other Web sites in Denmark, which you can enjoy entering. You will find many interesting facts concerning the fishing reports, fishing season, prices, accommodation, directions, weather forecast, fishing gear and bait. Here you find also the world wide weather reports, and train travel in the country that you can use in connection with your fishing tours.

    I include these links only as a service and the inclusion of a link does not mean that I have accepted or seen the website. Have some links been useless might the website being dismantled or converted.

    Angling associations

    Danmarks Sportsfiskerforbund
    Print Selv Medlemskort
    Varde Sportsfiskerforening
    Grindsted Sportsfiskerforening
    FLS Sportsfiskerforening
    Solrød Sportsfisker Klub "Regnbuen"
    Roskilde Sportsfiskerklub af 1964
    Ishøj Sportsfiskerklub
    Bjerringbro Sportsfiskerforening
    Skjern Creek Sammenslutning
    Karup Creek Sammenslutning
    Ribe Vesterå System
    Viborg Sportsfiskerforening
    Aalestrup Lystfiskerforening
    Sydvestjysk Sportsfiskerforening
    Ullerslev Lystfisker Klub

    Information on fishing

    Karlstrup Kalkgrav
    Lystfiskeri i Danmark
    Odense Creek
    Gratis fiskeri i Danske søer
    Fisker Forum
    Lystfisker Forum
    Kvistholm's Fiskesøgemaskine
    Småbådsfiskeri & Røgning

    Campsites - Cabins

    Langå Camping
    Camping DK
    Danske Campingpladser
    Hodde Kro
    Henne Strand Feriecenter

    Weather forecast in Danmark

    Vejret Varde Creek
    Tjek lige vejret i Danmark
    DMI's vejrudsigt

    Fishing tackle shops

    Hvidovre Sport
    Aktivfritid Køge
    Kott Fritid Hvide Sande
    Sport Dres Fiskegrejsbutik

    Transport - Forest & Nature Agency

    Movia Trafikinfo
    Hvem skal have fisketegn?
    Skov og Naturstyrelsen

    Put & Take Lakes in Danmark

    Henne Put & Take
    Nebel Sø
    Ho Fiskesø
    Hvidbjerg Strand Fiskesø

    DTU Salmon quotas for West Jutland Streams - Water portal

    Laksekvoter for året

    Vandløb Hydrometri Danmark

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